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Wynter Kabimba directs Police to firmly deal with PF cadres invading private property

  ||    31 March 2014
Government has directed the police to deal firmly with Patriotic Front (PF) and other Zambians found invading private property before the situation gets out of hand. Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba said people grabbing land illegally should be stopped and brought to book and to ensure sanity .

Nevers Mumba preaches education for Africa at the Global Business Roundtable convention, wants morality in politics

  ||    29 March 2014
MMD President Nevers Mumba has urged African Government to prioritize education for the continent to develop. Dr Mumba said Africa must consider introducing compulsory education for all Citizens adding that the continent must make it illegal to keep a child away from school.

I will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour, Judge Chikopa tells Musonda’s lawyers

  ||    16 July 2013
Tribunal chairperson Judge Lovemore Chikopa has described the manner in which he was served with the court order to suspend the tribunal as uncalled for and disrespectful. Confusion arose when Judge Musonda’s lawyers tried to present a court order to the tribunal staff  who refused to accept the court order.

Court stops Judge Chikopa tribunal

  ||    16 July 2013
The Lusaka High court has stopped proceedings of the Judge Lovemore Chikopa led tribunal pending the outcome of the judicial review granted to retired Supreme Court Judge Dr Phillip Musonda. Lusaka high court Judge Florence Lengalenga stopped the tribunal proceedings after she granted Dr Justice Musonda a stay in the proceedings.

Lands Minister denies owning the company repairing Chingola roads

  ||    16 July 2013
PF Nchanga MP Wilbur Simuusa has denied reports linking him to Mivami construction limited, the company that has failed to complete works on township roads in Chingola. Chingola residents have expressed disappointment with Mivami prompting some councilors to call for the cancellation of the contract and have it given to other companies.

Judge Wood testifies in Chikopa tribunal how Judge Kajimanga conducted himself unprofessionally

  ||    15 July 2013

Sata rebukes foreign affairs minister Effron Lungu

  ||    15 July 2013
Republican President Michael Sata has rebuked Foreign Affairs Minister,Effron Lungu for writing him a letter and copying it to Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Margaret Miyoba. Speaking when he swore-in during Kaizer Zulu as State House Permanent Secretary this morning, Mr.

Sakeni promises to table the Freedom of Information Bill before Parliament in September

  ||    15 July 2013
GOVERNMENT says there is nothing sinister with the delayed tabling of the Freedom of Information Bill before Parliament but that the bill will be tabled during the next sitting of the House in September this year.

PF’s failure to table freedom of Information Bill not surprising-Kaingu

  ||    14 July 2013
Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has described the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s failure to table the Access to Information Bill in the current session of Parliament as not surprising.

Government asked to release the contract of Acting Chief Justice to the public for legal scrutiny

  ||    14 July 2013
UPND Senanga Member of Parliament, Likando Mufalali, has urged government to produce the contract of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to the members of the public to review its legality. Mr.
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