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ZNFU Accuses Parliamentarians Of Working To Kill Agriculture Sector

  ||    11 October 2018
The Zambia National Farmers’ Union -ZNFU has charged that the 2019 National Budget does not provide hope for farmers. ZNFU president, Jarvis Zimba says that next year’s financial spending does not inspire the agriculture sector. Appearing before the Expanded Budget Committee at parliament Thursday afternoon, Mr.

Bus Fares Go Up

  ||    11 October 2018
Some transporters have increased transport fares following the increment of fuel last week. A check at Inter-city bus terminus and talks transporters under the bus and taxi owners association of Zambia revealed charts displaying increased fares with immediate effect.

UNZA Students Mourn Vesper

  ||    8 October 2018
University of Zambia –UNZA students have bed farewell Vespers Shimuzhila, a 4th year student who died in the riot early Friday morning.

Chipata Police Launch Man-Hunt For Chinese National

  ||    28 September 2018
A man in Chipata, Eastern Province has narrated how he escaped death by a whisker at the hands of a trigger happy Chinese national. Jecap Banda, a chef at a local restaurant has told Muvi TV news that a Chinese business man fired four gun shots aiming him but missed.

Commission Of Inquiry On Violence Resurgence, Extends Mandate

  ||    27 September 2018
The Commission of Inquiry into the voting patterns and electoral violence has extended its mandate again. The inquiry has extended the mandate from 31st October to 31st December 2018 to ascertain the cause of violence and the regional voting patterns in the 2016 general elections.

People Living With Disability Camp At Community Development

  ||    25 September 2018
Over 100 people leaving with disabilities have camped at the ministry of community development to pressure for the social cash transfer. The disabled have charged that they will camp at the ministry until their money is paid to them.

UK Suspends Funding To Zambia

  ||    19 September 2018
The British government has frozen direct financial aid to the Zambian government over corruption concerns. The alleged multi-million dollar fraud involves the creation of shell companies and the diversion of money meant for poorer families, the journal Africa Confidential reports.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa To Unleash Police On Street Vendors

  ||    18 September 2018
Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa has announced that the local authority is beefing up the police to be deployed in the City’s central business district in view of street vending. Mr. Sampa says the council is looking for people to be engaged as council police to help control the problem of street vending.

Mopani Copper Mines Might Face Legal Action Over Pollution

  ||    14 September 2018
The Zambia Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA has given Mopani Copper Mines 18 days to control their dust emissions in Nkana West Township in Kitwe or face legal action.

Action Aid Analyses PF Campaign Promises

  ||    11 September 2018
ActionAid Zambia (AAZ), through the ‘Campaign Tracker Project,’ has established a disjoint between the Patriotic Front (PF) party promises made during the 2016 elections campaign period and the implementation of government projects.
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