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University Teaching Hospital Power Failure Paralyzes Key Wards

  ||    19 March 2018
The University Teaching Hospital-UTH-was last evening plunged in to total darkness following a power failure. The power blackout paralyzed key wards at the country’s largest referral hospital. This development has prompted President Edgar Lungu to order an inquiry in to the power failure.

UNZA Students Still Stranded

  ||    14 March 2018
Students at the University of Zambia – UNZA, great east road campus are stranded following government decision to ban squatting at the institution. One of the affected students, Erickson Chimuka says the situation has forced many students to stay in boarding houses which have become very expensive.

Worker Seriously Injured At Chinese Firm

  ||    1 March 2018
A 31 year old man working for a Chinese owned Construction Company in Lusaka is battling for his life at the University Teaching Hospital-UTH-after he was seriously injured whilst on duty.

Printing Ballot Papers Locally Stirs Debate

  ||    23 February 2018
Zambia is not ready to print ballot papers locally as it is a recipe for rigging, Bishop John Mambo has charged. Bishop Mambo fears that the country has a lot of loopholes which might give the ruling party an unfair advantage in the 2021 elections.

Floods Ravages Lusaka

  ||    16 February 2018
The heavy rainfall Lusaka is receiving has continued to expose poor drainage systems in communities around the city. In Garden compound flooding due to inadequate drains is hampering smooth operations of some businesses. Traders and residents are appealing for authorities to intervene through construction of drainages.

Kambwili Calls For Anti-Corruption Demos

  ||    13 February 2018
Presidential Hopeful, Chishimba Kambwili has called for countrywide demonstrations against the escalating levels of corruption. Dr. Kambwili, who is National Democratic Congress-NDC-consultant, has charged that President Edgar Lungu is the disaster to have happened to Zambia in all spheres.

President ECL Bemba Idiom ‘Fire Rages On’

  ||    13 February 2018
Governance activist Macdonald Chipenzi says President Edgar Lungu’s bemba idiom will open doors for corruption. He says there is need for the president to retract the statement. Mr. Chipenzi says the earlier the President does so the better for the country in its fight against corruption.

Chipenze Urges ECL to Walk the Talk

  ||    8 February 2018
Governance activist McDonald Chipenze has described President Edgar Lungu’s speech at the minister’s seminar as rhetoric. Mr. Chipenze says president Lungu has done very well in terms of rhetoric and if he was walking to the talk, he would have been the best president ever.

Kambwili Says He Cannot Plead To Go Back To PF

  ||    6 February 2018
Chishimba Kambwili says he cannot beg to go back to the ruling PF. Mr. Kambwili describes as joke of the year, claims that he has been sending emissaries to plead for reinstatement in the PF on his behalf.

President Lungu Urges Opposition to Work with Govt

  ||    2 February 2018
President Edgar Lungu has challenged the opposition UPND dominated leadership in Chibombo district to put aside their political affiliation. The head of state noted that the much needed development for the district can only be achieved when the opposition chose to work with the government of the day.
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