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Controversial Fire Tenders Look Like Wheelbarrows-Minister Mulusa

  ||    16 October 2017
In the midst of the controversy surrounding the purchase of the 42 Million United States Dollars worth of fire Tenders, some Ministers from within the Patriotic Front-PF government are also making fun of the state of the machines. National Planning and Development Minister Lucky Mulusa has likened the fire tenders to wheelbarrows.

Another GBV Incident As Lusaka Woman Allegedly Kills Hubby

  ||    15 October 2017
A thirty-two-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Misisi Compound has stabbed her husband to death during a fight. The incident occurred early hours of Sunday October 15, 2017. Grace Chanda is alleged to have stabbed her 45 year old husband George Chavula twice on his back with a kitchen knife.

Keith Mukata, Co-Accused Ask Court to Acquit Them

  ||    12 October 2017
Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and his co-accused Charmaine Musonda have asked the Lusaka High Court to acquit them of the charge of murder. In their submissions on no case to answer, Mukata and Charmaine have argued that the state has failed to prove the elements of murder.

UPP Leader Questions President ECL Over Corruption Inertia

  ||    11 October 2017
UPP President, Saviour Chishimba has accused President Edgar Lungu of not taking action against corrupt individuals in his government. Dr. Chishimba says this is despite him providing evidence of corruption against some named individuals. He says corruption has reached worrying levels because President Lungu has allegedly allowed party officials to control him. Dr.

Zambia’s Growing Injustice Worries HH

  ||    10 October 2017
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has called for unity of purpose to end what he terms growing injustice in the country. Mr Hichilema says Zambians must unite in the fight against the loot of national resources by some greed and corrupt elements.

Tear Gas Canisters As Mount Meru Oils Workers Protest Alleged Poor Salaries

  ||    9 October 2017
Workers at Mount Meru Oils in Lusaka’s Katuba area have downed tools demanding a salary hike and improved conditions. The workers staged a protest outside company premises, blocking the Great North Road with stones and logs. They claim some of them have worked for more than four years on a meager salary.

UPND Maintains Need for Presidential Petition to Be Heard Ahead Of 2021

  ||    5 October 2017
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that there will be no elections in 2021 if the presidential petition is not heard. Mr Hichilema says he has evidence that PF stole his victory in the 2016b presidential elections.

Cancel RTSA Concession With Austria Firm, Kambwili Tells Govt

  ||    4 October 2017
Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has called for the cancelation of the 17-year nationwide concession contract with the Austria based Kapsch Traffic-Com for the design, installation and operation of systems. The project with the Road Transport and Safety Agency-RTSA is expected to be run as a joint venture with Zambia’s Lamise Trading Limited.

Kambwili Slapped, Socked At Parliament

  ||    3 October 2017
Drama characterised Parliament this afternoon when Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo allegedly slapped expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili. As if that was not enough, Mr Kambwili was further tormented after Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata poured water on him.

Tutwa Ngulube Accused of Inciting People to Rise against Katondo Health Workers

  ||    3 October 2017
Health workers at Katondo Clinic in Kabwe have accused Kabwe Constituency Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube of inciting residents in the area to rise again health workers at the clinic.
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