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Investigation exposes PS Chomba, as Oxford disowns his PhD

  ||    21 April 2018
An investigation has revealed that Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Dr Bishop Chomba is not a double PhD holder from “Oxford University (Trinity College)” and “Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson)” as he claims to have on his government endorsed biography.

I have a lot of power, but I’m just watching – Lungu

  ||    20 April 2018
President Edgar Lungu says he has a lot of power but he only uses it when necessary. And President Lungu says he will not allow a person who is not a democrat to go to State House.

Mwila is number 3 at stealing after Lungu – HH

  ||    19 April 2018
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says there is nowhere in the constitutional provisions of Zambia where a secretary general of the ruling political party becomes number three in government.

Lungu, HH fight has turned Zambia topsy-turvy – Mpombo

  ||    19 April 2018
Former Defense Minister George Mpombo says the political tension between President Edgar Lungu and the opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has created is an ‘impasse’ that has turned the country ‘topsy-turvy’ where underdevelopment is expected to be the order of the day.

Mwila can order ministers, says Siliya; We’re answerable to him

  ||    18 April 2018
In this audio, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says all Cabinet Ministers, provincial ministers, mayors, and council chairpersons are below him, therefore, he can summon them to exculpate themselves at any time if they make wrong decisions.

Criminals using my name, Kapata to smuggle Mukula – Kampyongo

  ||    17 April 2018
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says those who want to impeach President Edgar Lungu might be ‘crossing the line’. Meanwhile, Kampyongo says some people have been using his name and Lands Minister Jean Kapata, among other senior government officials, when smuggling Mukula.

Lungu appoints Kaseba as Ambassador to France

  ||    16 April 2018
President Edgar Lungu has appointed former first lady Dr Christine Kaseba as Zambia’s new Ambassador to France, taking over from Humphrey Chibanda who was recalled in January. According to impeccable government sources, Dr Kaseba will be sworn in today, along with new appointees at the Policy Analysis & Coordination (PAC) Division at Cabinet Office.

Leaked email exposes Rogan’s fondness for PF

  ||    13 April 2018
A leaked email has revealed that Janet Rogan told the United Nations Headquarters in New York that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema would be taken out of public visibility, regardless of court proceedings.

Matibini on trial over impeachment motion – HH

  ||    13 April 2018
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has already set precedent that court processes cannot stop him from tabling a motion on the floor of the House.

Kambwili must focus on healing – Antonio

  ||    12 April 2018
PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili must focus on healing instead of cheap politicking. And Mwanza has distanced the PF from citizens who have applied for judicial review of the Speaker’s decision to entertain the impeachment motion.
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