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Government Looking To Have 2021 Ballot Papers Printed Locally

  ||    21 February 2018
Vice President, Inonge Wina has reaffirmed the government’s plans to print the 2021 ballot papers locally as long as technical security matters are addressed.

PF In Panic Over Loo Roll With Lungu’s Face On

  ||    20 February 2018
The ruling Patriotic Front has warned that it will report anyone found circulating images of toilet papers which shows President Edgar Lungu’s portrait. PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said the PF has distanced itself from images of tissue and sweets circulating on social media bearing the portrait of the Head of State.

Yet Another College Grinds To A Halt – Lecturers Down Tools

  ||    20 February 2018
Lecturers at Nkana College of Education have downed tools demanding that management at the institution pay them their salaries and improve working conditions. The workers took to the City Square expressing disappointment that management at the institution had failed to pay their salaries for the past 9 months.

Opposition Condemn Kabila’s State Visit

  ||    20 February 2018
Leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has charged that it is shameful President Edgar Lungu hosted Congolese leader Joseph Kabila in Lusaka.

Mozambique rubbish dump collapse ‘kills at least 17’ people

  ||    19 February 2018
At least 17 people have been killed after heavy rains caused the partial collapse of a rubbish dump in Mozambique. A 15-metre high pile of rubbish collapsed, destroying seven houses, and rescuers fear more bodies may be buried under the debris.

PF Cadres Attack UPND Supporters In Eastern Province

  ||    19 February 2018
Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that there was a clash between UPND and PF supporters in Sinda town in Eastern province. Ms Katongo also dispelled rumours that one person was shot in Sinda yesterday morning.

Kitwe Bus Station Under Siege By PF Cadres

  ||    19 February 2018
According to local reports Patriotic Front cadres have invaded bus stations in Kitwe and begun charging over K500 to operators. Former Kitwe Deputy Mayor Godfridah Chulu has complained that the PF cadres are inviting lawlessness in the transport sector.

Kabila’s Motorcade Involved In Second Road Accident

  ||    19 February 2018
There has been another serious road traffic accident involving President Kabila’s motorcade. This time along Leopards Hill Road opposite the Saudi Arabian and French Embassies and involving a Zambian Police officer who was on Presidential escort duties for the visiting President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila.

Zambian Actor Shines In New ‘Black Panther’ Movie

  ||    19 February 2018
Zambian actor, Patrick Shumba Mutukw, has recently given an interview on what it is like to be part of such an iconic film. Talking to Time Machine Zambia the actor explained it was an ‘unbelievable experience.

Kabila and Lungu Discuss Regions Stability, ‘DRC Peaceful’ Maintains Kabila

  ||    18 February 2018
Visiting Democratic Republic (DRC) President Joseph Kabila has made an assurance to the international community that he is committed to ensuring that all pockets of instability ravaging some parts of that country are dealt with.
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