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Zambians come first – Kabimba

  ||    31 March 2014
WE won’t allow foreigners to hijack our country, says Wynter Kabimba. And Kabimba says MMD president Nevers Mumba has killed the party. Kabimba, the PF secretary general and justice minister, said foreign investors did not have the interests of Zambians at heart. “This government doesn’t want our people to be paid slave wages.

Sata arrives in Brussels for AU-EU heads of state summit

  ||    30 March 2014
President Michael Sata has arrived in Brussels, Belgium to attend the fourth Africa EU heads of States Summit. He arrived today at 14:30 and was received by senior government officials. President Sata is accompanied by commerce minister Robert Sichinga and foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba.

Rupiah got money from govt oil deal

  ||    16 July 2013
SARB Energy managing director Akpan Ekpene yesterday disclosed that Rupiah Banda asked SARB Energy officials to quickly pay him US$1 million out of the money that Zambia anticipated to realise from the Nigerian crude oil contract to finance his 2011 election bid.

UPND too small to swallow us – MMD

  ||    15 July 2013
UPND is too small to swallow MMD, says Chembe Nyangu. And Nyangu says it is an insult for the UPND senior leadership, which has been vulgar towards other parties, to propose a merger with MMD.

UPND wants to merge with MMD

  ||    14 July 2013
THE UPND senior leadership has tasked Mutale Nalumango to engage senior MMD officials among them Dr Brian Chituwo, Kabinga Pande and Kenneth Chipungu with a view to merge the two parties. The UPND wants to merge with MMD in order to dislodge the PF from power in the 2016 elections.

Sata mocks HH

  ||    13 July 2013
PRESIDENT Michael Sata has mocked Hakainde Hichilema over his ascendancy to the presidency of UPND. In a letter to Hichilema dated July 12, 2013, President Sata said he would only respond to Hichilema’s claims after telling him the legitimacy of his leadership. “RE: Appointment of acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

Milupi sees through UPND schemes

  ||    12 July 2013
ADD president Charles Milupi has appealed to other opposition political parties who are genuine and want to see Zambia take a different route to see through the UPND’s schemes.

Rupiah goes vulgar

  ||    11 July 2013
RUPIAH Banda yesterday turned to vulgar language on the issue of his passport and knee problem. And Banda’s sympathisers threatened Major Richard Kachingwe shortly after he concluded his evidence-in-chief in a case where the former president is facing charges related to a Nigerian oil deal.

Rupiah wants to go

  ||    10 July 2013
FORMER president Rupiah Banda is now seeking to get his passport back using his knee. Banda’s senior private secretary Mikatazo Wakumelo says “the passport will be needed to enable him travel to South Africa to seek medical attention for his knee problem”.

UPND is weakening opposition – MMD

  ||    9 July 2013
MMD national secretary Kapembwa Simbao yesterday described as nonsense UPND’s continued poaching of his party’s senior members. And Simbao says the MMD-UPND alliance will not work as long as the two opposition parties do not respect each other.
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