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Kitwe Man Dies After Alleged Police Brutality

  ||    9 July 2018
A 44-year old man of Kitwe’s Malembeka Compound in Luangwa Township has died after he was allegedly beaten up by police officers after being picked up for loitering.

Malambo’s killer sentenced to death by hanging

  ||    29 June 2018
The Lusaka High Court has sentenced Shabu Benos to death by hanging after finding her guilty for the murder of Lusaka businessman and Auto Force proprietor, Reeves Malambo on 29th January,2017.

British Envoy Takes Back Toxic Tweets

  ||    25 June 2018

Ex-Diplomat Chileshe and Maureen Nkandu to wed

  ||    10 June 2018
Recalled diplomat Cosmas Chileshe is not letting anything stand in his way to marry veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu. Chileshe, who was sent packing from the Zambian mission in Washington for his affair with Nkandu after he had divorced his wife of many years upon being handed a diplomatic job.

PF Saunters to Victory in Chilanga

  ||    6 June 2018
The ruling Patriotic Front has sauntered to victory in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election defeating their fiercest rivals the United Party for National Development (UPND).


  ||    2 June 2018
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has announced that there were no rebels in the Patriotic Front (PF) and challenged members who have petitioned the Lusaka members of parliament to bring evidence incriminating the so called insurgents.

Chingola Police Tie Hands Of Suspect To The Roof

  ||    30 May 2018
CHINGOLA Police are keeping a suspect in an isolated cell room with his hands tied to the roof, apparently, because they fear if he touches his private parts he will disappear from them. A source at Chingola Police has told Tumfweko and says he must not be named.

Siwale Finally Freed on Bail

  ||    25 May 2018
New Labour Party president Fesher Siwale has finally walked to freedom after 30 days behind bars for failing to meet bail conditions. Siwale has been at the head of a Mike Mulongoti championed identity crusade to discredit President Edgar Lungu.

Doctor warns against male boosters

  ||    13 May 2018
A SENIOR physician at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has warned against the rampant usage of men’s sex boosters and steroids being sold in some named Chinese shops and gyms. Swebby Macha, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist said most sex boosters and steroids had undefined chemical composition and had detrimental effects to the reproductive system of men.

Improving Road Safety Outcomes in Zambia – Corporate Sector Opportunities

  ||    13 May 2018
Road safety has been recognised as an increasing public health burden that disproportionately affects low- and middle-income countries, including Zambia. Ninety-one percent of the global road fatalities occur in low- and middle-income countries although these countries have approximately half of the world’s vehicles.
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