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Citizen arrested for demanding release of HH using govt toilets

  ||    29 June 2017
This Lusaka resident Mwanakatwe Sikasula was arrested by police for launching the “Free HH” campaign in Government Complex toilets, according the Mast newspaper. Sikasula was arrested yesterday around 11 hours after a female cleaner claimed that she spotted him attempting to inscribe the “Free HH” words which the police call ‘graffitis’.

Lungu says Kambwili ranting like rabid dog

  ||    28 June 2017
Edgar Lungu says disgruntled PF members like Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili are ranting like rabid wild dogs. Kambwili yesterday said the only way that confusion would end among PF members on the Copperbelt was if Lungu dismissed MMD die hard thug Bowman Lusambo.

‘Tricky Dick’ Richard Sakala, Yaluma in K20m oil scam

  ||    28 June 2017
Energy minister Christopher Yaluma and ex convict and Daily Nation newspaper proprietor Richard Sakala have received over US$2m (About K20m or K20bn in non rebased currency) from a Nigerian firm Sahara to facilitate the importation of petroleum.

Tension in Zambia has left many worried – Ghanaian president

  ||    28 June 2017
President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo has urged all political actors in Zambia to submerge their individual and partisan preferences for the common good in the development of the country. And the Ghanaian leader has urged Zambia to pay retired teachers from his country.

Parliament summons citizen in latest crackdown of independent voices

  ||    28 June 2017
  The National Assembly of Zambia has summoned FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza for allegedly giving misleading information to the public concerning parliamentarians’ emoluments.

Zambia is a failed state

  ||    28 June 2017
Dear Editor, We wish to let the nation know that what is currently happening in Zambia under the leadership of the fast growing Dictator, illegal and failed leader Abdu Epuju Lungu is a tale of a failed state.

Mutati finally ‘clarifies’ Zambia’s external debt in parliament

  ||    28 June 2017
  It took a point of order for Felix Mutati to tell parliament that he gave wrong figures on the country’s external debt. And Mutati has maintained that ZRA failed to meet targets in the past five months.

Crooks who stole Meridian bank money take over Intermarket bank

  ||    28 June 2017
ON PF and Madison taking over Intermarket banking corporation, one citizen says: Madison Group???. The same Madison group owned by Lawrence Sikutwa, in the photo below.

This is how clinics look in Sesheke

  ||    27 June 2017
Good evening ba Dog…hide my Id for fear of treason… This is Mulimambango Clinic in sesheke district which was build way back in 1958 the government used to campaign all in the name of winning votes towards last ended elections.

Lungu, Mutati take over Intermarket bank using IDC

  ||    27 June 2017
  Finance minister Felix Mutati has told parliament that the Industrial Development Corporation and other entities such as Madison have taken over Intermarket Banking Corporation. Last year, the Bank of Zambia took possession of Intermarket after it was alleged that it became insolvent.
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