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Opppsiton leader arrested for questioning Lungu’s nationality

  ||    24 April 2018
Police in Lusaka have arrested Fresher Siwale, the man who revealed that president Edgar Lungu is not a Zambian. The police from C5 unit besieged Siwale’s house in Chelrstone around 05 in the morning before picking him around 8 hours and took him to an undisclosed location.

Two Zambian poachers arrested in Malawi

  ||    24 April 2018
Mchinji Police on Monday intercepted two Zambian nationals after being found in possession of ivory valued at K13, 431,000. The suspects John Phiri, 38, and Julius Daka, 32 were arrested at Kaombe Police checkpoint along Mchinji-Mwami border.

NRC of real Edgar Lungu surfaces

  ||    23 April 2018
Here is the NRC of the late Edgar Chagwa Lungu who died many years ago. From Muvi Tv assignment. FLASHBACK: THE PF ASK RUPIAH BANDA TO CLARIFY HIS NATIONALITY.

Photo of the day: porn star or minister of Finance

  ||    23 April 2018
Minister of Finance grandma Margaret Mwanakatwe on plane, flying to Lusaka from the IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington.

IMF, World Bank queries Zambia over rising debt

  ||    22 April 2018
Zambia’ s Debt still a big Issue at IMF Spring Meeting The 2018 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group In Washington has just concluded. Of concern to the IMF and World Bank is Zambia’s rising debt especially chinese  funded projects.

PF thugs attack UPND campaigners in Shiwangandu

  ||    22 April 2018
PF thugs in three Land Cruisers , armed with Matchetes and Guns have attacked UPND abide president Geoffrey Mwamba’s entourage , after a brutal chase for over 40 Kilometers from Chinsali to Shiwan’gandu. This happened when GBM’s entourage over ran the barricaded road by PF cadres.

Why Lungu fears to leave the country

  ||    21 April 2018
Hi Editor: I cannot reveal my identity for obvious reasons. But, I am a system insider. I would like to offer the following reasons on why Lungu did not travel for the Commonwealth Summit. Lungu has been completely unsettled by this impeachment process.

Sangwa says impeachment can be tabled amid court process

  ||    19 April 2018
Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa has clarified that the impeachment motion can be tabled in Parliament even though some grounds therein are before court. According to Mr. Sangwa the impeachment motion is a political process whereas the matters before court are a legal process.

Lungu is humble so he is Zambian

  ||    19 April 2018
Failed football administrator SImata SImata says president Edgar Lungu is a Zambian because he is humble and intelligent. Simata who is facing divorce due to irresponsible behaviour claims that he was Lungu’s classmate.

Lungu nationality: supporters resort to intimidation

  ||    18 April 2018
After failing to show to the public president Edgar Lungu’s parents, uncles, siblings or birth records, PF officials have resorted to intimidation. One PF MP Jonas Chanda says he is now giving free mental checkup for Zambians seeking the truth on Lungu’s nationality.
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