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UPND adopts woman straight from jail

  ||    1 May 2018
The UPND has adopted jailed former MP Keith Mukata’s concubine Charmaine Musonda as PF goes in to early celebrations. PF media director Sunday has just declared victory for PF, saying by UPND adopting a murderer, PF will only campaign on the last day . Charmaine broke apart Mukata’s marriage before murdering a guard with him.

Zambia labour nonsense

  ||    1 May 2018
As a follow up to an earlier post in which one wonders why Zambian workers continue to march whilst in other countries, including advanced countries, workers demand for reforms, I have shared a picture from London taken last year, to give an example of how Labour Day is observed by our friends.

Litunga to be called ‘King’ in new treacherous deal

  ||    1 May 2018
– All important freedom fighters won’t be part of the so-called dialogue with PF The people of Barotseland will be shocked to discover that the so-called BRE/GRZ dialogue on Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA’64) will, in fact, be used to completely wipe out both the 1964 agreement, which gives the region semi-autonomy and the 2012 Barotse...

Zambia international golfer speaks out

  ||    30 April 2018
Zambia’s selected PGA golfer says success has come at great cost Zambia Golf Union failed to sponsor him or offer him scholarship opportunities. He struggled on his own and went to the USA, worked on odd jobs to survive but remained focused on his pursuit of the golf dream.

Arresting officer fails to cite law that makes it mandatory to recognise Lungu

  ||    30 April 2018
An arresting officer in the case were UPND deputy chairperson for youth and sport Michael Chuzu is charged with seditious practices on Friday failed to quote a passage in the penal code and constitution that state that failing to recognise a president is an offence.

There was no hospital when Lungu was born – ‘sister’

  ||    29 April 2018
A woman who claims to be president Edgar Lungu’ sister says there were no hospitals when Mr Lungu was born. This is contrary to assertions in President Lungu’s biography which states that he was born in Ndola General Hospital.

Selling indeni to foreigners is criminal

  ||    27 April 2018
It will be imprudent for Edgar Lungu and his minions to sell such a huge stake in Indeni to foreign enterprises. Oil supply is too important to our economy to leave in foreign private capital hands.

Opposition leader Siwale tortured, held naked in isolation

  ||    27 April 2018
Police have been continuously torturing  New Labour Party Leader Fresher Siwale from the time they abducted him on Monday 23 April 2018, the Watchdog has been told. Police sources have told the Watchdog that Siwale is detained in isolation at an underground cell at police headquarters in Lusaka.

Professor Hansungule refuses to be silenced by Zambian government

  ||    27 April 2018
University of Pretoria law professor Michelo Hansungule says he will continue speaking out against injustice and dictatorship in Zambia and anywhere else as he has always done. Following a complaint from Zambia’s high commission to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba, the University of Pretoria advised professor Hansungule to stop using university letterheads for his ‘personal’ communications.

Zambia will soon be worse than Zim – HH

  ||    26 April 2018
  By Simon Allison (Mail&Guardian South Africa) The last time I spoke to Hakainde Hichilema, he was trapped in a panic room in his Lusaka home. Dozens of riot police had stormed the opposition leader’s house in a violent predawn raid, and were now waiting outside to arrest him — or worse.
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