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Kaingu Admits Clandestine Meeting with M’membe

  ||    31 March 2014
The opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy says the two vice presidents, Dr Brian Chituwo and Michael Kaingu, had meetings with Post Newspapers Editor Fred M’membe and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba in an attempt to destabilize the former ruling party.

Another Ex-PF Cadre Calls Sata a Dictator

  ||    16 July 2013
Another of the former Patriotic Front supporters Peter Sinkamba has labelled President Michael Sata a dictator. Sinkamba, who has formed a new political party called Green Party, said on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk that President Sata appeared determined to turn Zambia into a one party state.

Opinion: The Post’s Plummeted Image

  ||    16 July 2013
Once upon a time The Post Newspapers used to line up a cadre of high level columnists that had people looking forward to buying the then independent publication. Many of those individuals were authorities on subjects they wrote about and were allowed to independently express their opinions unfettered.

Hichilema Jump-Starts Sata’s Lapsing Memory

  ||    16 July 2013
United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has taken President Michael Sata back to school with a brief lecture in political history on Zambia specifically over the last seven years.

Sata Causes a Scene at State House

  ||    15 July 2013
After disappearing from public view for more than six weeks and reviving rumours of ill health, Zambian President Michael Sata made a brief appearance before a select audience at State House to swear in Permanent Secretary Kaiser Zulu.

‘Kachingwe Is Not A Credible Witness’

  ||    15 July 2013
From the evidence Major Richard Kachingwe has adduced in court in the on going trial of Zambia’s former president Rupiah Banda regarding an alleged US$2.

Kachingwe Exonerates in Rupiah Banda Oil Case

  ||    14 July 2013
Having to endure two days in the dock as an accused person for a charge that may otherwise be described as very fluid and sitting on a hard bench can be quite grueling for any person. Well, this is what Zambia’s former President Rupiah Banda had to endure in the week just ended.

Opinion: The Ukwa in Michael Sata

  ||    14 July 2013
When the Post said, Sata was Ukwa in our politics, a man never to be taken seriously, we thought that was unfair. This was way back in 2006. And we thought the man (Sata) would take an introspective look on his conduct.

Leaked Document Claims President Sata Met with Assassins

  ||    13 July 2013
President of Zambia Michael Sata is alleged to have held a meeting with a group of Lebanese assassins for hire for unknown reasons. The revelations were made in an article published in the U.K.

Hotel Boss Abandons Job in Zambia After Gay Union

  ||    13 July 2013
Anthony (right) with his partner Markus An Englishman living in Zambia has been forced to leave the country for good after details of his civil partnership in the UK generated a storm of controversy.
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