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FRESH Purple Kush White Widow Sour Diesel Black Domina Bubba

Everything else.

FRESH Purple Kush White Widow Sour Diesel Black Domina Bubba

Postby shanneltoni » 1st February 2017, 18:37

We have all top quality strains at affordable prices.We are professional growers and sell to our

customers directly at affordable prices and we are sure of the quality our
strains such as……….********************Purple Kush,White Widow,Sour Diesel,Black Domina,Bubba,Hawaii-

Skunk,Hindu Kush,Afghani kush,Super Silver Haze,Sweet island skunk,OG ghost train haze,Kush,Lemon

haze,Super Skunk,AK 47,Blueberry,White Russian,Blue dream crystal,Snoop master kush,Moon rocks
OG Kush,OG ghost train haze,Holy Grail OG,Super Skunk,Silver Haze,Girl Scout Cookies
Jack Here,granddaddy,sweet island skunk,purple haze,Trainreck,White rhino Jack herer,sweet island

skunk,Serious buyers only ..EMAIL US FOR INQUIRIES OR TEXT

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