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Looking for a woman to marry

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Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Philip » 16th November 2011, 08:00

Dear Zambia,

I m a Kenyan age 36yrs old I m looking for a lady to marry from any country age 30-50yrs old with/without kids am okay with as long she is serious , she needs someone to love , trust , be faithful to, honest ,someone who she will spend the rest of her life with
my hobbies are watching movies , sports ,reading novels outdoor activities , cooking , Am a fun guy to hug with , social I do mind my own thing

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Counting » 16th November 2011, 17:51

Philip, Philip, Philip...Kenya is huge with lots of beautiful, smart, single women. Where did you go wrong?

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Kasuta » 16th November 2011, 18:58

Philip sounds like yet another gigolo. Thinking he can use his smooth Kenyan moves to dupe an unsuspecting rich Zambian woman.

Sorry Philip, Zambia is already flooded with young gigolos. And much younger than yourself. So any desperate rich Zambian women out there will go for one of these younger leeches before they come hugging you.

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Slumdog Shalapungu » 16th November 2011, 20:14

Those kenyan masai moves of jumping 6 feet into the air won't impress zambian women not even marathon running will not impress them. If you want a good zambian woman hit the rural areas thats where the last of a dying breed are the ones that can cook clean and girate their pelvic bone rhythmically . In the cities women live too much of the sex and teh city lifestyle so expect datsun 127 millage on their vajayjays. In the cities zambian women are westernised to the point where there heroes are the kardashians or whatever western harlots . In the rural areas you can impress with an eagle bike with mirrors and optional sat nav so you budget won't be hit hard . Rural area is the way to go if you want to find that diamond in the rough brudda thats what i plan to do to ship my bride straight from chililabombwe
Slumdog Shalapungu

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Doozy » 16th November 2011, 21:23

Dog,, you sound like you have got yourself a fool-proof plan to score the perfect Zambian wife. When you nab her and bring her over to the city, please be sure to let me know how her metamorphosis went from diamond in the rough to a bling-bling chasing urbanite.

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby koswe » 18th November 2011, 07:00

Some of these so called rural chicks are champions make a mistake of showing her the light (big city) mawe you will set your house on fire,Husband leaves for work in the morning the (rural) wife sambas and hits the city to meet with her Kaponya boyfriends who waylay her with their sugar coated tongues and end up shagging her for nshima and T-bone at chisokone or soweto market

Re: Looking for a woman to marry

Postby Hitler's cousin » 18th November 2011, 08:38

Awe man naseka saana,ur comment will make my
Hitler's cousin

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