Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

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Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by plastic bags raincoat manufacturer » 6th June 2018, 12:01

Boys, you are hurting my rib cage. Spare me, please!

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Guest » 4th June 2018, 15:47

Thanks , very helpful .

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Mpelembe Secondary School, Kitwe. class of 2012 » 31st March 2017, 18:57

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Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Guest » 31st March 2017, 18:46

ati dreadlock Rasta driving license test. You stupid son of a bitch

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by RudeNudeDude » 4th December 2015, 10:07

Bane its still early and you have just made me spill my coffee.

Who is this chap with his nose all over my screen and what does he have to do with the highway code?

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by hustler » 3rd December 2015, 21:01

[quote="Haingura Johannes"]How can I get alicence[/quote]

It depends on the kind of alliance you are seeking. For example if you are looking for an alliance to engage in criminal activity you should get a lot of volunteers here in Zambia because everyone by now knows that criminal activity is the only sure way to make money.

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Original Rasta » 3rd December 2015, 19:01

How does one prove he is a Rasta to get one of these dreadlock Rasta Licenses? Will bringing a joint and smoking it in front of the instructor do?

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Haingura Johannes » 3rd December 2015, 18:51

How can I get alicence

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Donchikubeba » 17th February 2012, 08:24

Single malt, good tips couldnt remember them myself back in the day i crammed that highway code two nights in a row , i have been blessed not a single accident to my license. just be mindfull if you dont damage your car you will damage yourself or somebody else and you dont want that !

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by single malt » 16th February 2012, 23:10

1. Before you get in the vehicle, walk around it and check to see if there is anything there that could block your way.

2. Get in and put on your belt fast.

3. Check your mirrors to be sure they can serve you well.

4. Make sure the vehicle is in neutral and the hand break is engaged.

5. Place the key in the ignition and crank the car up

6. Always indicate, then look using your mirrors before changing lanes or as you turn.

7. Remember to change down to the first gear when on an incline that will require "balancing"

8. Imagine the 10 and 2 positions on the clock face. That is where your hands should be on the steering wheel.

10. Crossing your hands is a no-no

11. Hooting like a cab driver is a no-no

12. Waving at people you know is a no-no

13. Having your phone in a position to distract or on is a no-no

14. Attempting to bribe your tester will get you 3 years in the chooks. You don't want a criminal record these days
All else has been covered above

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by DK » 16th February 2012, 18:59

Why go through the hustle, young man. You still don't know how to bribe? Give the tester something for a drink and you'll be fine.

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by BOYS WILL BE BOYS » 16th February 2012, 16:07

@Black thought,thanks a lot bra,thats what I hear as well that they are strict these days but ama buckle and do justice to the car great help mate!!!

Re: Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by Black Thought » 16th February 2012, 11:04

Where are you doing your test from,...?

If you are doing it from Lusaka, yes, you have something to worry about if you are really that nervous.

From what i have heard of the current drivers test in Lusaka, they are quite strict these days (Which is how it's supposed to be in my opinion), and the traffic coupled with some really rude drivers and the long route can surely make even i, who has been driving for almost 10 years become nervous...

So, some tips i heard from a few of my mates who went through it,...!(May Not accurate)

1. The basics,.. make sure you put on your seat belt before starting the car, check if your seat is adjusted well, rear view mirros, side mirros,...etc... (Assuming it's manual transmission)... drop the gear into Neutral, get your hand off the gear and start the car.

2. Each time you approach a stop sign (Be it the vertical post, or the white line on the road), you must come to a complete stop,(on a complete stop, others may emphasise on lifting the handbrake) and start all over again. This should be done even if the whole town has gone to Kenneth Kaunda Airport to receive the Zambia National team, and you are the only one on the road with your examiner. THe same applies when you approach the Pedestrian crossing. You might want to put hazards as well.

3. Don't drive above 40KM/h... You are a learner,..well,...ish... You don't want to give your examiner a heart attack.

4. Again, if it's manual transmission, attempt to take it all the way to the highest gear possible depending on what speed/part of the road you are on. The examiner would want to see if you understand this.

5. Show that you know what you are doing,...look in the mirrors once in a while,... act like you are a driver,...

6.Hold the steering with both hands, like a lady (No offence ladies)... Even when turning, do it so in a way your arms don't ''cross over each other''...

7. You are surely certain to fail on the first attempt,...Especially when they test you on the drums/cones, so get ready for next friday

8. Don't hoot near a hospital and some places i have forgotten....

9. All the best Bro!

THats all i can think of...!

Dreaded Ratsa Driving License test

Post by BOYS WILL BE BOYS » 15th February 2012, 14:34

Dear Zambia,So am 19 and going for my Drivers License test next Friday,am nervous as hell,please help with the do and donts,been to driving school but need first hand info from people who have gone and aced it.