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Post by Shati Mwanza » 6th October 2010, 00:11

Again you have nailed it. Everything your wrote is very true. One of the biggest maladies in this part of the world is short sightedness. To make matters worse, many of those who elbow each other to grab political power, can hardly see past their nose. Many of these guys don't seem to be aware that they are entrusted with a high order to perform a function that ought to help build a nation of people. Instead they seem constantly embroiled in minutia, petty pursuits and theft on a colossal scale. I don't think the fate of future generations of Zambians is of much concern to these guys.


Post by Yangeni » 1st October 2010, 13:11

Shati Mwanza,i think history is damn wicked.The whiteman came to Africa with bottles of brandy/whisky, cloth,mirrors etc..and corrupted the simple minded chiefs of that time who in turn sold our brothers & sisters into slavery.At present the Zambian government is selling all parastatal companies to foreign multi-nationals.ZCCM on the C/Belt at least used to ensure that roads were well maintained.most roads countrywide have never been repaired since Kaunda lost elections in 1991.It was his time to leave but we should have adopted his strong points & perfected them.


Post by Got it » 1st October 2010, 08:06

Yez, whatever......


Post by Shati Mwanza » 30th September 2010, 17:51

Got it,

Got it. If it wasn't for that Zambesi, I'd doubt your Bemba authenticity. But no doubt you are Bemba, born and bred. Here in Zambia we are color blind.

And Got it, listen, my friend. Don't let anyone give you any grief over your 'z' and 's' mix-ups. It's the beauty of the Bemba language. Be proud of yourself and say, I don't need to change my manner of speech, sankyo
d'-' d'_' d'-'b d'_'b


Post by Nasilele » 30th September 2010, 13:31

Mr Nawa,

you also have started hiding the letters...i wrote a letter for you to transmit it to Mulongoti...but upto now that road Katimamulilo and Chainama junction is in a terrible state further down the road you have to negotiate about four ditches before joining Kasangula which is equally bad...that is why someone has just resorted to wait for God to come and sort out these issues...the government and ourselves we have lamentably failed.

Mr Nawa you should also go there and see for yourself please.


Post by Got it » 30th September 2010, 08:10

Got it is a white Zambian Bemba, born and bred here, Get it?????????


Post by Shati Mwanza » 29th September 2010, 23:05

Yangeni you son of a gun, I think you have cracked the mystery! Yes that's it. They pray and sit back waiting for God to answer.
Maybe that is why the Muslims have this prayer. In short, this prayer says: "get off your lazy butt"

I asked for wisdom...
And God gave me problems to solve.
I asked for prosperity...
And God gave me brains and the strength to work.
I asked for courage...
And God gave me danger to overcome.
I asked for love...
And God gave me troubled people to help.
I asked for favors...
And God gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.
My Prayer has been answered.


Post by Shati Mwanza » 29th September 2010, 22:55

Got it must be Bemba. ati Zambesi. how about Sambia? sikomo bambo. nisadya nsima manje. ha ha

but hey do not crucify me. i'm not hating on the Bembas. One of my secondary school friend's step mother's ex husband was Bemba. So as you can clearly see, no bias against the Bembas in me. no no


Post by Spell Check F7 » 29th September 2010, 20:18

Got it
It's spelt Zambezi you nitwit.


Post by Yangeni » 29th September 2010, 18:20

I think the government has left the repair of our roads to GOD,im sure they ve been fasting and praying for the Almighty to come down and clean up their mess.


Post by Got it » 29th September 2010, 16:16

Try the potholes on the intersection of Zambesi Road and Katima Mulilo Road - disgusting................
I have tried to repair them myself with a team of 6 guys, concrete and stone. It only lasted about 6 months, but I was happy with my effort. They are now tarring the end of Zambesi Road, and I am hoping they will repair the potholes too.


Post by Tired Zambian » 27th September 2010, 16:26

Uja, i can see people cant think esp when they write


Post by Tired Zambian » 27th September 2010, 15:45

FYI STAN: I said on the subject of potholes not the rest....get some glasses and check, i only wrote two (2) sentences on the subject. if you have nothing better to say, please keep it to yourself :)


Post by Uja » 25th September 2010, 01:16

hehehe, ba Stan. Good one. But I will give the young lad TZ a break. He seems to have a ton of potholes to unload off his chest.

yo mufana wanga TZ, don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often. ha ha :lol:


Post by Stan » 25th September 2010, 00:54


If this is you being "brief," I would like to see what your long post looks like :)


Post by Tired Zambian » 24th September 2010, 14:53

Dear Zambia,

i'm sure every one of us is tired of the subject of potholes so i'll be brief. why is it that a pothole has to reach huge, crater-like proportions before the RDA or council will do anything about it? is it not better to fix a small, little pothole and save money than to wait til it becomes so big that a car can fit inside it?

Drains: whenever i walk on Cairo road, i always worry when the rains will come because each and every one of these 'drains' have no cover so everybody throws rubbish in them. they are then blocked and then when the rains come, the road gets flooded and cholera spreads. PLEASE LCC, please please do something, the drains at the post office lights and at the roundabouts are always blocked, please do something BEFORE the rains start! most of the banks and other corporate individuals have provided bins for the public, why cant the council arrange for the waste collection?
speaking of waste collection, there is a HUGE pile of rubbish in that road that eventually leads to S. I. Limbada (i dont know what its called but if S. I. Limbada is on your right, look to the left when at Freedom way). what happened to the big big rubbish containers that LCC are supposed to collect rubbish in and clear away???