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Post by Sly » 2nd November 2010, 15:12

Nasilele did you just order Mr Nawa to have the road works done? I'll watch that road after Friday and if possible come and give you a hand shake after the works have been done. Then that will be a sure sign that dear Zambia is working!

But seriously, why should we be going through the same disasters every year, I hope the disaster management has put in place a mechanism to prevent the floods for the people in Kuku compound and many others that were flooded last year. We don't want a repeat of what we saw last rain season! And they shouldn't just politisize...


Post by Nasilele » 2nd November 2010, 13:23

Dear Zambia,

Mr. Mulongoti last time i wrote to praise you on the patches which where done on the Junction of Chainama and Kasangula road. But to my surprise the rains have started and the road was just done on the junctions and not the whole Chainama road joining Kasangula...what is wrong with you? just the simple stretch you are failing to do are just waiting for accidents to occur that is when you get busy giving statements on TV which are irrelevant to us..all we want is to see work done and not talk shop please for Gods Sake. And you Mr. Mubita Nawa can you ensure that the road is done by Friday...