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Re: Roads in Lusaka

Post by Serene » 5th November 2010, 13:44

well said Natalie, i wish we could say well done to the authorities!KAFUE ROAD IS A HELL RUN DEATH TRAP what will it take for the relevant authorities to repair Kafue road. There are no markings, no lights and yet this is suppossed to the key link to Zambia! I have to use Kafue rd about 2 twice in a week in the evenings and it is a living nightmare! pitch black, ducking unseen ditchholes and ducking trucks on a highway is a horror, one has to develop a sixth sense skill other than sight on Kafue road at night. what safety is RATSA concerned about? Is my wearing a seat belt really all that matters when RATSA ignores the danger of Kaufue Rd? RATSA, RDA, what ever other R somethings please sort out Kafue road please before lives are lost! :(

Re: Roads in Lusaka

Post by Tired Zambian » 5th November 2010, 12:42

i also feel the same way. I always shudder when going to Arcades after Pakati market, look how dirty they leave the place! the management should take a firm hand with these marketeers to clean up after themselves, it may encourage them to adopt that habit in their own homes.
I was also bemoaning the fact that even the one town which we proudly used to call the cleanest in Zambia has also fallen prey to the dirtiness. why, why does the govt not practice the Keep Zambia Clean Campaign? they should enforce it with fines, i always keep a plastic bag in the car for rubbish that may accumulate during the day (plastic wrappers, talktime vouchers etc). at the end of the day, i take it out and my car and environment is clean.
i was campaigning for presidency in another topic (kamwala freedom statue)...can i count your vote 2? lol, imagine that! all i always say is that, our govt officials travel all over the they not see the beautiful roads and parks and shops in other countries and wonder why we cannot do the same? and please, no crap about us not having you said...not buying ten of those GX's and Hiluxes with taxpayer's money can clean up just Lusaka CBD nicely (thats $400,000).
all thos expensive trips abroad would mean something if we saw some result...

Re: Roads in Lusaka

Post by Nasilele » 4th November 2010, 12:28

Natalie i totally agree with you i always complain over the same in the area where i stay..i dont know whether these pipo want to be pulled from their offices to go and do the job themselves or what...because all they need to do is to deligate and to ensure that things are done. i wish i was a minister.

Roads in Lusaka

Post by Natalie Dwebi » 4th November 2010, 09:05

Dear Zambia,
What is the Roads and works doing about the Kafue Road??? There are so many hazardous potholes as you drive closer to Lusaka. Why can't they be FIXED??? The rains are here it is a little late............PLEASE send this letter to whoever please fix the holes before the whole road is GONE. Do the authorities know that it cost more to fix the WHOLE road than to fix a few potholes?

Some of the roads in Lusaka, they used to be ROADS now, it is all DIRT. No roads any more.

The amount of money we spend on fixing our cars, the accidents and deaths that take place trying to avoid know GRZ, those are our vehicles, we pay tax for them to drive thru these holes, that money should be used to fix roads not to buy a 4 wheel drive for the boss, his wife, children, and relatives.

Zambia after Independence was CLEAN, beautiful, people were proud of our country. But now how dirty Zambia is..........why can't there be full time police officers to check litterbugs?
Look at Arcades after Christmas or any other celebration......broken glass bottles all over, empty food boxes, tissues, plastic bags..........the whole world is becoming more aware of the environment and here we are, a rich beautiful country living like animals.
The number of people who throw bottles, cans, crisp wrappers out of the car, bring in fines like Singapore...........
Cell phones, people still talk on cell phones, put up signs, like Oprah showed on her show, NO PHONE ZONE..................people in HUGE expensive vehicles.

Natalie :mrgreen: :ugeek: :geek: