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Re: driving lesson

Post by RudeNudeDude » 17th March 2016, 09:42

life long labourer
I think this guy has been here before...

My friend unless you want to be in the next crimes of passion or GBV list please do not attempt to teach you wife how to drive...

You might say break, indicate turn and she doesn't then you say I said brake, indicate , turn.. then she says why are you raising your voice the you say because you don't listen then she says that's why you cry when you know what.. then you say that's why shani shani BOOOOM

if you are that broke .. Go to one of those driving schools and Con a Guy out of the driving school to be giving her a lesson in your car on a day like Sunday noon.

I picked Sunday noon hoping that people will be holier than thou after Church and not shift the subject from driving to ridding.....

Zikomo.. 4 months to vote. Nkalani bwino

Re: driving lesson

Post by MOONGA SONSTER » 17th March 2016, 08:10


Re: driving lesson

Post by life long labourer » 5th February 2016, 08:25

Mr. Mbulo,

what year is this? I could have sworn you and I had this little talk before. I only had two beers and here I am having hot flashes and not even knowing what year it is

driving lesson

Post by Mr. Mbulo » 5th February 2016, 08:15

Dear Zambia,
I would like to teach my wife how to drive, using our own car at home, may I Please know the procedure? Thank you.