Cousin Zakayo has died aged 54

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Cousin Zakayo has died aged 54

Post by Cousin » 29th April 2018, 19:41

Dear Zambia,

Uganda's oldest chimpanzee Zakayo has died at the age of 54

Conservationists in Uganda will hold a vigil later for the country's oldest captive chimpanzee.

The 54-year-old male, called Zakayo, succumbed to a stomach bug on Thursday.

Born in the wild, he was found abandoned in western Uganda and kept as a pet until the age of 13.

That's when he was handed in to Entebbe Zoo, now called the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, becoming its dominant male.

Staff said Zakayo had brought up the zoo's chimpanzee family, including nurturing two further dominant males.

They've urged supporters to join them in celebrating the life of a "legend".