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Re: ebay

Post by Chiku » 29th December 2013, 19:12

I've never heard of this place ebay. Is it another tourist resort on the south African coast?

Re: ebay

Post by Consumerist » 29th December 2013, 18:12

Just buy the item and make sure the shipping address (in the UK, USA or RSA - depending on where the seller is located) you is the correct one in the Mercury instructions, and you will get your things. I've done this several times without a hitch.

Re: ebay

Post by duh » 29th December 2013, 16:41

have by any chance tried maybe... Um... CALLING THEM??


Post by ajar » 29th December 2013, 11:07

Dear Zambia,

Hai I need help I want to buy from ebay now how can I use the mercury to receive my goods ?