witchcraft real or not

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Re: witchcraft real or not

Post by Boogie » 1st April 2014, 16:33

booga booga aaaaaaaaah!

Re: witchcraft real or not

Post by Katyetye » 31st March 2014, 18:39

Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help

Re: witchcraft real or not

Post by 2 chains » 31st March 2014, 03:09

Mr zambia likes to talk shit even against his better judgment. By now he has made a total fool of himself on so many occasions that he has lost the ability of feeling any shame

witchcraft real or not

Post by mr zambia » 30th March 2014, 10:02

Dear Zambia,

Every time you open zambian newspapers especially the post newspaper and page to sagwapo there are so many adds promising people of wealth,lost lover,chase ghosts,healing diseases e.t.c.can they make this stuff work?they definitely have customers if not where do they get the funds to continue advertising all year round.