Watwavwa leza compony limited

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Re: Watwavwa leza compony limited

Post by Chipata patapata repairer » 1st April 2016, 06:23

Nizanya my dear friend, please tell me. That "compony" ka thingy, is that a typo or is that the actual name of your little scam?

In case you are wondering, I'm in the midst of compiling a database of all scams being peddled here on ZOL through the years.

Please advise.

Many, many thanks.

Watwavwa leza compony limited

Post by Niza siame » 31st March 2016, 23:32

Dear Zambia,

watwavwa leza compony limited we supply hardware such as taps,fle xibles,hacksaws,blades, jewerly etc located at 9tc wusakile avenue kitwe zambia.Call for things on:0961942623 ,0967575297,0971844457:watwavwa leza the name says it all.