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Re: concern

Post by Chamba » 20th June 2016, 21:33

my concern is my dear Valerie, your English can use a bit of polishing up.

The plural for luggage is pieces of luggage, not luggages. And when something you owned gets lost you 'lose' it not 'loose'. Loose is for example, when a prostitute spends many years on the streets until her vagina becomes loose not tight, because men having been screwing her like there's no tomorrow. You see?


Post by valerie » 20th June 2016, 21:26

Dear shaloom

my concern is shaloom buses they must provide some stickers of numbers to laggages loaded in the bus cause i lost my laggage of products worth thousand and up to now they are failing to pay me back..the manager of this company investigate your workers at sesheke maybe they are the one offloadng people things cause when you loose something they dont take it serious.