Avondale Buses

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Re: Avondale Buses

Post by Fefy » 9th July 2010, 12:02

I agree with you Haggai on the changes of the bus fares without a fare chart to use for reference as customers. My concern is do these Bus drivers and conductors have an association that regulates them. My appeal is to the association member or executive to give us a response over this matter. Another issue is customer relations of which in every instance one boards a bus to anywhere within Lusaka their is utter disrespect towards the passengers even when they is no reason meriting such disrespect.

Avondale Buses

Post by Haggai » 5th July 2010, 20:25

Dear Zambia,

These guys are ripping us off. One bus will charge you K3,500 upto arcades and another will charge K3,700. Whats really the correct price? A K200 savings is alot in the long run.