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Post by Burlesque » 29th April 2011, 21:22

you said it, sister. On behalf of MMD, every word you wrote is true. Yes MMD did take us from the frying pan into the fire.

But ba 1964 and ba Hist, you bring up some nuggets about KK I didn't know. So some of his kids opted for UK citizenship?? the irony is so thick it would take a butcher knife to slice. And the fired manager who forgot to wish this baldy a happy birthday? Now I know why he was good firends with saddam hussein. Whom he shared the same birthday. Dictators!


Post by Simon Mfula » 29th April 2011, 17:40

Happy birthday to you ba shi Panji,
God is faith to Zambia and has spared your life to see your children and grand children of Zambia as anation.
We hope to carry on the vision and motto of ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.
More over youre now vindicated for oil from grass-Just to make you laugh a bit. heheh

May God keep you that you may also see the mother of all batles which you prophecied unfold even the economic liberation.

You see ba KK we have not forgotten all that youused to tell us.


Post by felix fwaka » 29th April 2011, 15:49

guest, post this to Times of Zambia & Post newspapers


Post by Guest » 29th April 2011, 11:36

Happy Birthday KK!

Now that all has been said and done, we are able to stand up and blame all our inequities on you. Little do we realize that we ourselves made you the devil.
We blame you for running down the economy, only to sell to foreigners everything we wrestle from you;
We claim you were a dictator in your time only to bring back the same William Bandas you had as governors and make them our tools;
We claim you neglected us when education was free and you paid us to educate us;
We say you did not buy drugs for our clinics and hospitals, yet we buy mobile hospitals;
We accuse you of having spent too much on the liberation struggle and yet we run to South Africa for treatment and checkup whenever we have a headache;

Dear KK, Happy Birthday.
You were a bad leader
You were so bad that you united us to the extent that when growing up, we did not realize that our friends were from different tribes,
We were free that our parents were transferred to any district in the country;
You were so bad you balanced the tribal appointments so well us the younger generation never noticed any tribal tension;

We overthrew you, how exciting;
Meekly you went out, we insulted you, spat on your face,
Brought down all that you built, we sold everything;
Yes sir, we got fed up you, the builder, building all the time
We put in your place a salesman and sold everything,
Everything we had built and acquired with you,
We sold everything

Happy Birthday, KK
Sorry we can't give you anything for your birthday
We have sold everything.


Post by 1964 » 28th April 2011, 20:46

Ba KK, happy belated birthday ba mudala. Tell us something our founding father of the nation, the freedom fighter, the most important and influential Zambian for 27 years, the initiator of the One Zambia One Nation philosophy, how do you feel to know that your own grandsons have not only ditched their Zambian passports and nationality in favour of the citizenship of the same empire that once you fought against, but also, from the own admission of one of your own children, that one grandson has actually fought in Afghanistan...

Irony can be cruel, isn't it KK?


Post by Histo » 28th April 2011, 20:26

Back in the day, every company was required to wish this man a happy birthday in the newspapers. the Managing Director who did not do this would find himself out of a job soon enough!


Post by Burlesque » 28th April 2011, 00:47

Dear Zambia,

Today the 28th of April is the birthday of our country's beloved father and founder of our nation. Happy birthday KK! You are looking good, old chap. How old are you now anyhow? Aren't you pushing 100 or is it 108 years? Koma wadyela mudala. You should tell me your secret to longevity. But don't tell me to drink cow piss coz I don't do no urine. No sir.

Well talk about piss, I got to tell you mudala, when I was a young lad, the mere mention of your name used to scare the bejesus out of me. I would piss in my pants when I heard ba Kaunda.

Back then I really believed you are a ferocious monster. My mother had me going for a while. Every time I was naughty, she'd say I will call ba Kaunda to come and take you away. That was enough to knock some sense into my head and sober up quickly.

It was many years later that I learned you were just another African dictator who dabbled in socialism and a whole other failed experiments. Not to mention your notorious shushushu. I bet you and that friend of yours chi Nyerere used to plot your bungled schemes over the telephone, yes? What a loser duo, for real.