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Re: Booing!

Post by Joker » 28th May 2011, 08:04

Every time i hear that long face horse joke i crack my ribs coz it never get's old.

Re: Booing!

Post by Smiley » 27th May 2011, 16:33

Understood. I'm glad to know. I thought you were like one of my uncles. The man never smiles. Even the few times that some humor manages to get through to him, he simply says, that's funny. Never cracking a smile.

if this PF a college fraternity of yours? Since you hinted at being somewhat of a bookworm, I hope you know the etymology of 'gay'. - happily excited - merry - keenly alive and exuberant - having or inducing high spirits..... Yes sir, you can say all that about me. You will hardly ever catch me with a long face like a horse. No sir, not me.

Re: Booing!

Post by Guest » 27th May 2011, 09:42

Iwe Smiley,

Ninshi why are you smiling? do not get me wrong am not anti smiling altogether, i am against this foolish tendency that we have to smile at everything,good or bad.

Re: Booing!

Post by KP » 27th May 2011, 08:22

Smiley, are you gay?

Join PF.

Re: Booing!

Post by Smiley » 27th May 2011, 01:42

is it your contention that if you and me were to bump into each other on some idle Thursday afternoon in the streets and you gave me your grim look and I returned your look with a wide smile stretching from one ear to the other ear, you are not going to find my smile contagious and flash a smile of your own at me?

Are you trying to maintain that when I show you my Colgate brushed teeth inside this wide grinning mouth of mine that you are not going to find my smile irresistible?

What if on top of my highly contagious smile I tip my head to one side and look at you with my big wide eyes like a puppy dog? Are you still going to resist this unbelievable charm of mine?

Is that what you are trying to contend, Guest??

Re: Booing!

Post by Guest » 26th May 2011, 10:17

We can boo who ever the hell we want, if someone is talking BS we should be able to boo them. Enough of this laughing and smiling for no apparent reason all in the name of being friendly as the world portrays us to be, Frankly i find it annoying that we Zambians smile at everything, someone pisses you off, you smile and even throw in a ka laughter. What is wrong with us?
Mrs Kunda opened her mouth and out came rubbish, we were expected to smile and throw in claps. I applaud the people who booed her if more people stopped smiling and did some more booing we could actually develop.

Re: Booing!

Post by Latikama » 26th May 2011, 01:31

mudala ba Mwinemushi,

Let's pay a visit to Mr. Dictionary, maybe he will give us a glimpse into the prevailing Zambian psyche.

COMPLACENT : adjective

: marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

A friend of mine came to see me after he had visited Zambia sometime back in 2009. This guy is Black American. I could tell he was being careful about something. As if he didn't want to offend me. So I proceeded to interrogate him aggressively because I wanted to know his true impression of Zambia. He had many nice things to say. Weather, friendliness of the locals, wonderful things on the tourism circuit, food, etc.

Then finally he told me what I knew had been nagging at the back of his mind. He said Zambians are amazingly happy and content even amidst unbelievable poverty.

I have to admit, the guy truly said that as a compliment. But I wasn't too sure if it was.

Re: Booing!

Post by mwinemushi » 25th May 2011, 23:14

Im outraged by the lack of outrage on matters such as this,we as a society deserve better we can't just settle for whatever. We vote for individuals to be our representatives. They in turn abuse that previledge and carry themselves with a sense of Godliness.... This has gone too far.

Re: Booing!

Post by Latikama » 24th May 2011, 19:36

Mrs. Kunda! Thanks ba Mwinemushi. I was really getting worried there for a sec.

Ok, now I see the absurdity. this culture of these wives of politicians becoming stuck-up prima donnas is disgusting. It's like a throwback to the monarch era. Same like that Mrs Kibaki, wife of the Kenyan prez. She went as far as slapping a man in public.

And chi Banda, I really had high hopes for this fool when he came into office. I thought he will elevate the political game in Zambia. Doesn't he boast about his diplomatic work in the Kaunda era. You would think his travelling exposed him to some high minded ideas. But he is proving to be nothing but a simple farm boy. Petty and surrounding himself with some of the most idiotic creature imaginable.

Re: Booing!

Post by Chuck » 24th May 2011, 19:18

Yes it's pathetic. We should boo whoever the hell we want to boo at.

Will these Kaunda era people ever learn what freedom of expression means?

Re: Booing!

Post by mwinemushi » 24th May 2011, 19:02

By Mrs. Vice president i mean Mrs. Kunda, wife to the vice president.

Re: Booing!

Post by Latikama » 24th May 2011, 18:51

When did this happen?!? I mean I didn't know Banda had appointed a female VP. who is she? man, I need to get on this facebook thing. I'm behind in all the latest news ka.


Post by mwinwmushi » 24th May 2011, 18:46

Dear Zambia,
Yet again we cross another sad milestone. Mrs. Vice president was booed by some crades somewhere on the Copperbelt and an investigation has been launched to find the perpetrators. This is not even funny anymore,first honking in protest is a crime and now this.... I would love to be in that court house and hear what the charges for " booing " the second lady are.
Anyway, lets hear from the lawyers in prosecution and defence of this case.
I rest my case.