Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

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Re: Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by Chipewa » 17th June 2011, 20:53

I once came upon a pair who were exchanging fists and kicks and butting heads. Both of them were covered in blood. After hanging around for a minute or so, and through listening to the litany of profanity flying every which way, I learned the catalyst of this fight. Apparently, they had both spotted a pair of jeans on salaula and decided they will duke it out to decide who will buy that pair of jeans.

I asked them which particular pair of jeans it was and they pointed it out to me. I asked the salaula lady if she had another one similar to that. She said she had several. And that concluded the bloody fist fight. The two clowns both bought a pair each and went their way, bloody nose and all.

I'm saying that to say this. Sometimes a solution is right under people's noses but they refuse to see it. Take these lunch eaters for instance, if they can only think of taking turns to go to lunch so the place of business is not closed for lunch. But do they even bother to think of this simple solution? My guess is, no they don't. Just like those two fools with their bloody noses.

Re: Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by JCK » 17th June 2011, 15:52

On top of that we come late for work strolling in casually around 8:20 and have the lunch break on the dot and start running away from 16:30. No wonder they say we are very laid back, no sense or urgency or deadlines

Re: Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by april » 17th June 2011, 13:01

true you look at our chinese friends these guys are hard working rite now if you try to pass thru that government house or watever you call it thy are working even during lunch and saturdays late kuma 17 hours they us mama we go to the press ati we are being mistreated. on top of lazziness we want heft salaries..shame on us.

Re: Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by CRM » 17th June 2011, 10:03

Well, at least this is a slight improvement from the Kaunda days (and early Chiluba days) when even restaurants used to be closed because the staff had gone for lunch!

Re: Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by JCK » 17th June 2011, 09:33

Njala here is a good one i encountered some years ago. I went to a well clinic on Cairo Road at around 13:15 and was told i could not be attended to because it was lunch time. They could not even ask if it was an emergency but was just told come back at 14! And yet the sign outside this clinic said open 24hrs hmmmmm.......

Zambian Companies And Lunch Breaks

Post by Njala » 17th June 2011, 09:25

Dear Zambia,

What is it with many of our companies, organisations and government departments stopping everything at precisely 13:00 and taking the supposedly mandatory lunch break? As if they will drop dead if they don't take in that morsel of food. No one's asking them to starve, just makeup a timetable amongst themselves of who will be available to attend to customers and queries during that time, and then those people can then have their lunch break an hour later (or earlier). Simple.

Is it rocket science?