Employment deficiency

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Re: Employment deficiency

Post by Mulundu Collins » 6th January 2011, 11:28

Its not the first time am hearing about this at kcm. Last year i heard that many indians who work there do not have work permits and they just use their passports to come and work because their fellows own many shares. But which zambian can work in india or just near by here in south africa without work permit?

We hear that every 6 months indians at kcm disappear and are replced with another group becoz that is the visa permit period they take advantage of.

Mwebandu pleeesseeeee, who can handle this mess kanshiiii?

Re: Employment deficiency

Post by JCK » 6th January 2011, 11:15

That is indians for you. Check what will happen at Airtel as well. I have also always wondered what indians know about copper mining. I feel helpless right now wondering what i could do to help young people such as your son. Where is that funny committee called the zambianisation committee? they are just busy checking out companies in Lusaka and not going to places like KCM useless committee. They have been tasked to see that jobs go to zambians but they do nothing just collecting allowances.

Employment deficiency

Post by Kelly Chuuma Mundu » 6th January 2011, 11:00

Dear Zambia,

I heard in the news that zambia has recorded the highest number indian passport/visa applications and this is attributed to increased economic and tourism entries. While that may be true, i feel we need to see beyond that.
My young boy completed his degree program and is need of work, he lives in chingola and he cant find work as an electrical engineer at kcm. But stand outside kcm premises and count how many indians come out of there. I was shocked to the bones!!
How do we allow an indian to come and work illegally in zambia. am not a racist but we have zambians who can drive folk lifts and who can do manual labour which has been given to our indian brs at the pretext of tourism.

Not only that, am still investigating a report of a company contracted by the same kcm that has continued to employ more and more indians at the expense of zambians and to make matters worse, the few zambians who have been "employed" by this company have not signed any contract and get paid through checks. this company evades tax and our zambia brs do not have any conditions of work for the last 8 months when this company contracted them.

Dear Zambia, why is this happening to you?