Provincial MMD Conferences

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Re: Provincial MMD Conferences

Post by Solwezi Mabanga » 18th January 2011, 08:25

Thank you for your observation of the openning of that School. How does the DC in his capacity refute the report that no single Government official was presented at the opening of that School. Truly you hit the nail on the head. The DC was busy supervising the road to please the president. Am sure the DC got some shares of the money on that re-done road. With the elections comming soon, it seems every official appointed by the president wants to make money before then.

Re: Provincial MMD Conferences

Post by MMD » 17th January 2011, 14:32

This is typical of technocrats, always window dressing! and the President doesn't he see that some works are done only as a window dressing stunt to please him. No wonder the DC refused to officiate at the opening of a school that was built by some Italian family, he was busy working on this road...shame indeed!

Provincial MMD Conferences

Post by Solwezi Mabanga » 17th January 2011, 13:52

Dear Zambia,

We the Solwezi Residents are happy for work done during the visitation our President during their MMD conference. This is so because the road that leads to the Teachers' College was well done by grading and putting crushed stones from Kansanshi mine. Atleast, the mine contributed in their profit magine. I wished the conferences can be held yearly so the Provincial Administration can finish working on the road though not tarring. Why do we fail to find money for our roads but we are quick to find it when the President is about to visit an area?