Chinese Takeover

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Re: Chinese Takeover

Post by Elizadi » 28th January 2011, 18:56

doris wrote :
> Oh gosh! China is taking over. Even with answering machines. Am showi,the
> sekut is bizy

Some people are blind. If the Chinese came here to be business partners with Zambia, why would they have an automated voice saying "Am showi the sekut is bizy" with a distinct chinese accent? Why not hire Zambian voices for Zambian services? Do you really think these people are business partners? By the time you wake up, you will have a chinese master standing over you whipping your buttocks.

Re: Chinese Takeover

Post by World citizen » 28th January 2011, 18:39

Sly, David

I can appreciate your support for China. I sense the Chinese are putting food on your dinner tables. You have Chinese employers yeah? I understand.

But that does not change the fact the the Chinese are up to no good. And how long do you think they can sustain their cheap labour? That is the only reason the "Chinese are taking the world economy by storm"

Civilizations throughout history have learned that you can oppress people only for so long. Sooner or later the chinese factory workers will be demanding higher wages. Sooner than later the playing field will be level again. The Chinese have an egde now. But for how long??

Re: Chinese Takeover

Post by Sly » 28th January 2011, 15:08

Like David rightly put it, it is in our best interest to do business with China. If only we come to the level where our Zambia Weights and Measures do their home work properly, then we shall start appreciating China products. Why we accept inferior products to flood our markets leaves much to be desired. Its the choice we make, thats how come we have the so called gon'ga (inferior) products, the Chinese don't impose on us, so who's to blame?

Re: Chinese Takeover

Post by doris » 28th January 2011, 11:55

Oh gosh! China is taking over. Even with answering machines. Am showi,the sekut is bizy

Re: Chinese Takeover

Post by David » 28th January 2011, 10:02

Maybe Zamtel installed the automatic answering gadget made in China and hence that Chinese accent on the recording.

And Dizo the Chinese are taking the world economy by storm and the sooner you realize that the better. America has realized that and knows that it is in the best interest to be business friends with China.

And for your information Dizo Chinese products are among the best and durable products in Europe , but in Africa particularly Zambia were they are no strict regulations of imports coming in the country, we end up with inferior and cheap products (Gonga's) and unfortunately that is the China products we only know.

Chinese Takeover

Post by Dizo » 28th January 2011, 08:54

Dear Zambia,

Has anyone noticed that when the Zamtel lines are busy, its now a chinese woman speaking on the recording? Something like "the circuit is busy" or something, in the usual chinese accent with words like circuit being pronounced as "circuity". Where are we going?