mistakes are made

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Re: mistakes are made

Post by 3,085 people like Dear Zambia on FB so far! » 13th October 2014, 17:12

Another Jesus freak talking out of his ass

mistakes are made

Post by chabala » 12th October 2014, 13:25

Dear Zambia,

Just the nama itself Cruser.honestly as this name a meaning?Jesus is the perfect person the world as ever produced because in Him there is perfection,he is the source of perfection therefore Jesus never made any mistake at all just from the time of memorial Jesus the ancient days,king of Glory,el-shaddai.El-elyon, Makaddesh,Sidikenu never never never never and will never never make a mistake Ba crusher you are making a very big mistake come back to your senses something is wrong with you by saying Jesus made a mistake by making wine, by the way do you know the kind of wine that He made?was it fermented or unfermented go back and study the bible do not read but "study" the word.Anyway am here to defend my faith.