Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

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Re: Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

Post by SisterT » 29th July 2011, 13:40

That’s true and I think you will all concur with me. If more people are seen crowding around Zanaco banks then it is true that Zanaco bank is over crowded.
We have been told to use the ATM to decongest the unwell ventilated banks this is to make sure that the handful of staff inside can manage the few customers inside but we just avoid using the ATM.
There is no bank in Zambia which has no such problems of network.
It is good that you who want to come to Zanco have to think twice- stay away and help us decongest the bank.
Most of those banks in places like Monze, it is understood, we the Zambians have just harvested "mapopwe" so what do you expect?
Have you not seen the difference in what you pay back to the bank? With Zanaco you hardly notice it. There is no such thing as overdraft in the people’s bank- Nix!
Before Barclays under went ecdysis, we had to wait for longer hours and when you get the counter the lady behind pays you less and you could only find out that when you have left the bank. One old guy would come with ‘kaponda’ and start puffing out in there! He was always given first priority, you know why. It was at that time that I moved to Zanaco.
Sometimes when things go wrong we don't seem to want to go in and face the bank manager, are we shy? Give him grief. He is your servant after all.
One of my juniors came back with a complaint from his bank, Barclays. His pay had been taken to the bank but somehow the bank told him to go there the following day. When that day came he was told to go there the following day and so on. When I sat down this man I advised him to go and see the bank manager. The bank manager told him to write him about the complaint. I told him to go back to the manager and tell him to write this man instead to explain to him what went wrong under his nose. In a few minutes, the man came out smiling. Luck it was not me directly affected, I could have climbed up the mountains to an extent of knowing the actual banker involved. For I know they just play around with our money to make money.

Re: Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

Post by Steam » 10th July 2011, 10:23

i hear and read so many complaints over ZANACO service. Im with STANCHART and was thinking of switching to ZANACO but . . .

Re: Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

Post by Worried Client » 9th July 2011, 18:21

I couldn't agree more. Its exactly the same situation here in Mansa. In the morning just before the Bank is open, you'll see a people gathered outside ready to race in to become number one on the line. But even then, you'll still leave the bank almost 09hrs!!!! The bank can be clouded at times and only three chairs are provided for clients going to cash/deposit. The air condition system is completely bad. At times I wonder why there's only 1 or 2 staff members serving a huge cloud when other counters are completely empty. 3 ATMs outside in most cases do not all work at the same time. Frankly speaking, its not a bank you can completely count on especially if you have an emergency.

I have an account with Barclays Bank as well. I have never been on the queue for more than 10 minutes at most. The place is well ventilated with powerful Air cons. In most cases, I use my Zanaco visa card on Barclays ATMs. That, I think says a lot.

Re: Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

Post by Guest » 8th July 2011, 09:50

I thot i was the only one who felt like that, wat do u know the world is a fair playing field.

Pathetic is an under statement for Zanaco services

Post by Mac » 8th July 2011, 09:06

Dear Zambia,

First of all I wish to express my profound disgust at the manner in which Zanaco are offering their services. I bank with Zanaco in Mongu and you can not even begin to imagine what a useless service they offer. Slow attendants, unhelpful staff, painstaking ques damn its unbelievable. The week before last, I attempted to make a transaction on the ATM for K2,000,000. The ATM did not produce any cash but my account was deducted. I went in to seek further clarification inside the bank and was told to wait because they were still working on their reports. This is the same answer I have been given today. Can you imagine the inconvenience? besides the place is poorly ventilated and as such it is quite uncomfortable to spend hours in there. There are a numerous other issues that I have not included here, but put simply, Zanaco is a mediocre bank. I'm too disgusted to further comment on their services, particularly here in Mongu. Shame on the management of Zanaco, their slogan should be BULLSHIT STUPID and RHETORIC