Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

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Re: Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

Post by Noel » 28th July 2011, 16:50

is it only me that nowadays airtime is finishing fast on the GX tarrif during on peak..?

Re: Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

Post by Mr Whiskers » 28th July 2011, 15:44

Carl, i know you angry, but you cracked my ribs i really had a good cackle !!!Thanks

Re: Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

Post by J » 28th July 2011, 15:42

You beat me to this complaint.
If there are technical difficulties why can't they tell you on the first step instead of letting you take many steps on your phone first and then informing you only on your last step? Only in Zed.

Re: Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

Post by the eye » 28th July 2011, 13:51

I feel you. The WORSTESTEST is Airtel, one would have expected it to be getting better with the change in names/management but hell it's the the other way round. And that toothless Zambia communication authority (Authority my ass), or whatever their name is, allows this incompetence to go ahead, allowing the consumers get a raw deal and yet their rates are so freaking expensive. They keep bragging that they have the most subscribers and yet they can't keep their customers happy. I would have switched to other networks but even then they also haven't given me enough reason to do, damned if I stay, damned if I leave.

Zanaco/Airtel SMS Banking Crap

Post by Carl » 28th July 2011, 12:33

Dear Zambia,

Why is the sms banking on Zanaco Xapit not working properly for the last 3 weeks? Majority of the time, I get the error about "We are experiencing technical difficulties..." What the hell? What is most annoying is that you go thru all the processes, entering details only to get that error at the end when you are asked to enter zero to confirm your inputs. Imagine you have to make an important emergency call, you try to top up with airtime only be greeted by this shit from Zanaco and their equally useless partner Airtel. In their industries, both companies are BY FAR THE WORSTESTEST!!!

I am so upset because I need to send money to someone urgently. Right now, I would love nothing more than to unload a heap of unprintables at those thick-headed managers of these two EXTREMELY PATHETIC SHITTY companies!! I have a good mind to jointly give them the Dear Zambia Award for most useless company of the year!