Total lawlessness

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Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Minimum » 3rd March 2016, 05:32

If the british weren't so stupid and fat, I'd have recommended a return to colonialism. Our boys in government are hopeless.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by knock 'em out » 1st March 2016, 23:14

Zambia is backward in many ways. Not least of which is the congregation of some of the stupidest bi-pedal mammals on the planet, populating most of our government offices.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by 2ngwee » 22nd August 2012, 20:29

this is what you get when you have a kaponya in state house. The mob elected him. You can't touch the mob anymore.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by ferrous sulphate » 22nd August 2012, 20:11

It is wild!

I had a friend that nick named the different intersections and areas according to Karate movies.

There was snake in the monkeys shadow" before the kafue rd / lumumba rd traffic lights were put it and the road into kamwala was done

"Drunken master" was the Bwinjifumu/ great east road intersection.

"Seven steps of kung fu" was the south end of freedom way.

"Fists of fury" was the chilumbulu / independence intersection.

My opinion is that RTSA should issue a special license for lusaka like the one pilots get to land at hong kong airport!

GRZ has lost its balls to the vendors and anarchist Public Service Vehicle operators. They gave them an inch and like Bro. Bob said, they took a mile.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Aaaah » 22nd August 2012, 18:43


speaking of which... you really make an important point about Africa in general. It seems like we have put on blinders and refuse to face certain facts. The way things are going is unsustainable.

I was just reading an article about certain "wise" young Greeks. The have come to face the reality of their crumbling economy and how their dependence on modernity has left them vulnerable to whims beyond their control. Some of them have given up jobs that pay them $70 grand a year and moved to the mountains to live a subsistence life. Grow their own food, and use barter to exchange for goods they cannot produce.

Maybe the Greek version is a bit extreme but at least it show people who are thinking and looking at reality. In Zambia it sounds like we have pretty much buried our heads in the sand and are just hoping ati vi zaisova.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Aaaah » 22nd August 2012, 18:31

This really makes you nostalgic for the good old days when we was growing up in Lusaka and only the very bapamwamba had cars. and those cars were nicely parked in their mayadi front yards, 90% of the times. Many of them were inoperable and mere souvenirs to remind the apamwamba of their short stints in europe. We didn't have any of this insanity on the roads. f*cking hard to believe..

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Aaaah » 22nd August 2012, 18:21

Misozi wrote :
> ANd even when the traffic lights are working,
> bus and taxi drivers ignore them, the ones at City Market as time
> approaches 17hrs. The other time we had this police officer chick directing
> traffic at the same spot but busy on her mobile phone, multi tasking.

I really want to believe that you are telling blatant lies like a 1-bolled billy goat. But then again you sound like such a nice girl. It's just that what you are saying sounds quite bizarre and inconsistent with modern civilization. I don't know what to believe.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by why didnt i buy a Vista? » 22nd August 2012, 15:57

Got a car with a 2400 cc displacement last year when I was working in a small town (Luanshya) and didn't use it much. I'm in Lusaka now and I use the car every day. With the short distances and gear changes every minute because of the traffic, I'm crying now because of the fuel cosumption

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by mukolwe » 22nd August 2012, 13:41

driving in zambia can be pretty daunting. whenever i come home, i start by driving at night first, then weekends and then easy into days... by that time my vacation is pretty much over lol. i always feel like i'm gonna hit something or someone.

you wanna bet how long it's gonna take lsk city to start thinking of expanding the road network to keep up with the influx of cars coming in from japan? the # of drivers and cars on the road has increased tenfold while the roads network has remained the same. that's a major problem facing many african (expanding) cities, i was in maputo the other time, traffic is nuts, it's even worse in nairobi...

it boils down to population increases in many african cities and countries. and of course everyone has to go about their business, street vendors have to hustle, so too are the matatus. you're driving going to work. i think many zambian drivers are pretty patient though. i know how i get when i get stuck in traffic, i've zero patience, i thus plan my routes to avoid major constructions and slower roads.

utma short cuts, mini buses are pretty good at that

kalebalika mukwai

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Driver » 22nd August 2012, 09:32

Every time I'm driving along Lumumba Road between Duly Motors junction and Mumbwa Road junction, for some reason, very sobering thoughts fill up my head. I shudder to think what will become of me if the tyres were to burst, causing me to lose control, or anything else that would make me drive into those vendors, their children, and their vegetables.

Re: Total lawlessness

Post by Misozi » 22nd August 2012, 09:15

I avoid Lumumba road at all cost. I park my car along Cairo road then walk or book a cab if I have to go those ends. It's a nightmare driving along Lumumba road.No matter which lane you choose, it's almost inevitable to find a broken down truck or bus thereby forcing you to negotiate and weave your way out. I hate that. ANd even when the traffic lights are working, bus and taxi drivers ignore them, the ones at City Market as time approaches 17hrs. The other time we had this police officer chick directing traffic at the same spot but busy on her mobile phone, multi tasking.

Total lawlessness

Post by Observing » 22nd August 2012, 07:27

Dear Zambia,

i would like to air my grievance on the sad heppinings on the lumumba filter roads where half of the road has been taken over by so called untouchable street vendors on both sides of the road leaving motorists to chaotic driving ' then they are the minibus drivers who are literally blocking the roads at the corner towards pep stores who park at will and creating unnessarry congestion ' i ask where is rtsa and lcc on this serious anomaly?