Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

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Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Chikwakwa » 20th February 2014, 17:28

[quote="Guest"]Am facing the same problem and I happen to be in the diaspora for my studies.its rily disturbing[/quote]

Can you please clarify for the benefit of us who are also in the Diaspora like you? I was under the impression that once you are in the Diaspora, it's an escape from all the normal Zambian headaches like Zanaco or Zesco or ZNBC or Zamshit. So how did their tentacles find you all the way here in the Diaspora?

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Guest » 20th February 2014, 17:02

Am facing the same problem and I happen to be in the diaspora for my studies.its rily disturbing

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by april » 29th October 2012, 13:11

kekekekekekekeke mooner you have reallie cracked me up........oops......

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Observer » 11th September 2012, 14:01

Let me warn these ZANACO chaps. Remember, it started with ZAMTEL, followed by RSZ ............. Becareful
People will no longer sit back and see their hard-earned kwacha stolen in broad day light!!!!!!!

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by FEMI » 15th August 2012, 18:29

Mooner...LOL. Ati you threaten to expose your buttocks but to no avail..
You just made my day..

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Mooner » 15th August 2012, 18:07

I really don't understand what's the problem with this Zanaco. They don't respond to any complaints or threats from the customers. One time I even threatened to expose my buttocks in their branch but to no avail.

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by FEMI » 15th August 2012, 17:31

Switch Banks..Go to FNB. Fast Service, Very complaints. Plus you can open an account with them in minutes.
Let us know how it went. Did you get your money back..
45days...kwaliba. Ku Zambia nako. How can we move foward with such mishaps from big companies. The most I had to wait for my money was when a company pre-authorized my funds...normal wait time with no documents filed was 15days...with documents filed, it was 2 days.. done.

Speak up. We live in a democracy. We all need to make sure our voices are heard and our opinions are known

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Florence » 15th August 2012, 08:27

I feel for you the Kitwe customer, if you are lucky you may get your money....i tried all i could.....i even boycotted going to see them at their offices...they even offered to come and pick me from my office But todate my K2,250,000-00 is gone.

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by mutinta » 14th August 2012, 11:46

the first people to blame is we the customers because we complain without action. I know legal fees and courts are huge challenges but a few lawsuits would shake them n wake them from the infinite slumber. Lets make use of our courts. I have my own unconventional way of dealing with them to get what i want. So my advice is dont just complain and wait act.

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by SCAR » 20th May 2012, 04:08

You are not the only one, my dispute form took 73 days to be resolved from lusaka and i used used over 40% of the disputed amount on transport to zanaco on follow ups and the bank never paid me any interest and yet when you borrow from them interest accumulates on daily basis. Zanaco used my money illegally for 73days with any interest at all.

Re: Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by Slumdog Shalapungu » 19th May 2012, 21:43

Change banks , why stay with a bank that has no respect for you. In the mean time find a kambwili and hit other peoples fields especially that juicy tute and kandolo . That together with some stolen maize will keep you alive. Make sure you have a chika and sefa to pound that stolen maize to make mealie meal

Zanaco ATM Transaction problems

Post by EMPcreator » 19th May 2012, 14:23

Dear Zambia,

I recently used my debit card to try and purchase goods at Shoprite kitwe branch, unfortunately the transaction failed and i didn't get the goods. so i opted to go and get cash from the ATM machine but then i found i had no money in my account, just a 150pin remaining. i painstakingly called 5000 (which is not toll free i might add), they told me that the total amount for all the goods i tried to buy was deducted twice (bummer!). the following day i promptly went to zanaco kitwe branch (am new in kitwe so i really don't know if its called 'kitwe branch', but its the one in town). after waiting for an hour for the system to come back online i managed to have them give me my statement, and it showed that the money was indeed deducted twice, they told me to fill in a dispute form, which i did, when i handed it to the lady she said i would be refunded within 45days (that's 1 month and 15 days), how was i to survive with 150pin for 45 days in a town that i was new in? but i waited patiently. But as at today, this very minute am writing this its 62 days, and still no money from zanaco. This morning i went to ask them on the progress and they told me that the 'e-business department' does not work on saturdays, so i will have to see them on monday. i looked around for a way to contact zanaco online and i only came across this forum and in unrelated thread found a blogger named "zanacoemployee" who put up this email address: so i sent them an email and will wait for their response. I have a feeling it won't be a response I want to hear, and believe me, am running thin of patience, something's got to give

now comes the catch, how many of you users have had this issue happen to you? Did you know that any bank's worst enemy is the press? believe me, dear Zambia has brought us here for a reason, to know who is being oppressed and mistreated by the big, strong, unreliable bank. i am willing to send a letter to the press, but i need others who will support. they need to address this and many other issues that i have read on this forum. its not going to be a revolution, its just a cry for help and a jostle to the bank to improve their services. what say you dear Zambia??