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Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Unknown » 26th March 2013, 01:09

Zanaco needs corporate transformation, a major turnaround on culture and customer perspection. Considering its size, it should be at the forefront of leading edge technology. I believe management does not care as long as they get their pay and allowances. Government is a major client so management feels indespensable and later on a bunch of incompetent board of directors with MBAs. This MBA thing is outdated and has no relevane to what is happening on the ground. An MBA holder is a master of nothing but theories which are out of touch with the reality. The solution to such institutions is put in place very rigorous consequence management measurements, all employees must set KPI's relevant to their level. This must tie to performance objectives and corporate goals. Under performing managers should be fired. The quality of service is a clear indication of the quality of management. Mwebantu.......learn CRM. This is why our country has poor governance structures and weak controls because we have so many educated people and yet they lack the sort of corporate and national leaders needed.

Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Dube » 1st October 2012, 17:58

Sounds like nothing has changed over at Zanaco. Still a toilet of a bank today as it was yesterday.

The bible says, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Zanaco took this to mean that they should remain a useless bank for ever and ever.

Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Njuchi » 11th September 2012, 17:54

I have never banked with Zanaco. But ever since Jesus was a baby, I been reading about the shitty service at this bank. My own guess is that it has something to do with the company culture which in turn, has something to do with the top brass at this bank. Someone sitting in a high chair at Zanaco does not know the first thing about customer service. It's amazing to me that they are still in business. They seem to know as much about banking as an old lady who stashes her cash under the mattress.

Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Observer » 11th September 2012, 14:15

What's wrong with ZANACO kanshi? These chaps must wake up. We are no longer in the 50's or 60's. Do you honestly need to write a letter from UK just to make a TT. This to me is total bullshit!! Mr Chipasha can you imagine the inefficiency these guys have. Someone wanted to get his money back which was deducted twice when he used a debit card. He was told to wait for 45days and as we are talking now it's 62days without getting his money. My advice is that you pull out of that shit bank and go where they will care for you. They don't know that a customer is the more reason they exist

Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Zemandola » 26th April 2012, 18:13, then go to braanch locator the number for head office is there too

Re: Please help me

Post by Lombe Chikwanda » 26th April 2012, 17:58

I had been worried about my account number so someone wanted to send me on transfer money from u.s.a to here as they told me that they need me to be account number activate even i try to tell zanaco bank about activate also zanaco bank told me that my account number already activate but they try transfer money to my account number but transfer on pending so what is wrong with it? Please tell me just nw

Re: Zanaco West Branch

Post by Friday » 5th April 2012, 06:07

Mr. Chipasha,
please clear up the confusion. Are you a proud Zanaco account holder or are you not? Or maybe this is just that new thing called sarcasm?

My own documentation of Zanaco here at DZ tells me that Zanaco is about the same stench level as a Lusaka public toilet. Only difference is that at a Zanaco branch, there are employees spreading the faeces all over the place.

Zanaco West Branch

Post by David Chipasha » 4th April 2012, 23:02

Dear Zambia,
I sent my brother to day the 4th of April 2012 to Ndola West Branchof ZANACO to get the Manager's business phone number or email address, so that I could send him authority for TT to a bank in Lusaka. My demand was because I have failed to phone the bank from here(Sheffield, England) using the telephone in the Zambian directory and on their website.
My young brother was told he could not be availed any of the two communication modes but the manager asked me to write a letter. I and my wife hold ZANACO servers accounts in addition to a business account in the branch, since 1989. What amuses me is the idea of me writing a letter from here in England to Zambia and post it thru mail instead of using modern technology. Their fax machine does not work, their land lines do not work, their online services do not display working and effective contact information. I have been unable to obtain an ATM card for now four years, despite several applications and complaints. So, is it forbidden to hold an account in Zambia when you are abroad? I have several real estates in Zambia and I need to access my account in some way since my tenants deposit money in my account at ZANACO. I can not use a ZANACO visa card cos I do not have one issued to me by ZANACO. Now I can only communicate by post. This reminds of the sixties and seventies when people used to order clothes from abroad like from Oxindles and were able to receive them six months time. But in today's world of technology, I can not be told by a Bank Manager to post a letter in order to find out my bank balance and their after arrange for a TT transfer. What is the time lag?
It is pathetic in this global village to receive such a service. God needs to feel mercy on us Zambians so that we may take the opportunities begging at our hands.

David C Chipasha