ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

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Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by the logical tune » 3rd March 2016, 05:35

Christian nation my ass!

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by bupe » 3rd October 2012, 03:51

because of this 'christianity madness' in Zambia and black africa lots of people are vulnerable to abuse by anyone who claims to be a christian, man of god, missionary, etc..
checkout "africanfcuktour dót cóm" and see what i mean... remember to use your common sense

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by Skewer » 3rd October 2012, 01:45

[quote="FEARLESS"]Most people are brainwashed with fear of burning in a pit of fire![/quote]

This explains why most Christians are terrified of death because deep down they have catalogued all their transgressions and they think hell is waiting for them. So they would rather delay the roasting as much as possible.

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by Holyholy » 2nd October 2012, 21:13

In addition to reverend Fearless’ admonition, let me also warn all those who think the devil is a dark crooked little bastard who has horns, hooves and a tail. No, no, no! The devil is you yourself and your own wicked schemes! If you screw up, don't claim the devil made you do it. Take reponsibility for your own f*ck-ups people!

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by Digga » 2nd October 2012, 17:11

Fearless iwe,
sad thing I do not have any medals. I could have given you one or two!

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by FEARLESS » 2nd October 2012, 03:27

If Zambia is a Christian Nation then Kafupi was jesus of Nazareth.... hehehe

Most people are brainwashed with fear of burning in a pit of fire! Whoever did this to them surely did a good job at manipulating and controlling their minds.

best is to free yourself from mental slavery = constant fear of burning in hell which was implanted in your brain by others using FEAR as the tool to control you.

1- see yourself as GOD because you and you are the reflection of GOD in yourlife
2- you have the power to control your own life, not some invisible white man with a long beard in the sky
3- use your common sense people

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by felix fwaka » 1st October 2012, 19:27

thank you guest

Re: ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by Guest » 1st October 2012, 17:07

Dear Kenly

What is even more scary is that a seemingly normal person like yourself bought that Christian nation hogwash. Listen man, that Christian nation BS was just one of kafupi's many BS games, nothing more. Don't dignify that BS with a discussion. Zambia IS NOT a Christian nation.

ZAMBIA **A Christian Nation***

Post by Kenly » 29th September 2012, 23:11

I was born and bred in Zambia, I love my Country and they aint no Country I'd rather be.
Here's a question I got to ask;
If Zambia is a true CHRISTIAN nation, why is it that everyday in Newspapers there're Witch Doctor Ads? Like is it normal guys? Dr Faggot from Eastern Province, Dr whatever from Luapula!
Should this be burnin in a Country which calls itself a Christian Nation? Please help me understand cuz I personally think its evil.
Shoprite Kitwe no longer has security guards, all I see are Witch Doctor Reps busy giving people business cards...
Win lotto, court cases, job promotion...people are even misled and sell their souls for cheap! its bullshit!!!...
Newspaper damn! Why not show Dentists and Opticians?!
NO WITCH DOCTOR NO CRY! God is real guys.
Trust and believe.