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Post by Lilanda » 5th May 2014, 19:40

I find it hard to worship a God who slept with another man's wife. Joseph did not deserve to be blind-sided like that by a God who sneaks around at night and sleeps with his wife under the guise of fulfilling prophesy. That shit ain't right. When a religion has such a perverted origin, how can you trust anything else it has to say?


Post by conscience » 3rd May 2014, 23:56

The wrongness with faith is that it is just one mythology that happens to be the accepted mythology, and unlike other mythologies, Christianity does not allow free-thought. It insists that you purge anything harmful to it like books, knowledge, people. It makes itself strong by assuring that mankind will never question it, will kill those who do, and then will live their lives in a waste contented with harming themselves physically, mentally, and giving them an out from any external crime through the ability to forgive themselves. It's not harmful to me? The fact that you can believe one thing without evidence, and you deny things that have evidence is not just idiotic, it is dangerous.


Post by Glory je to Besus! » 3rd May 2014, 22:52

I don't buy into the premise of your sky daddy, or your ground troll, either. The truth is not 'sinister and scary', even to a kid, unless that's how you program them to think. How can you tell a 12 year old kid that there's an invisible man in the sky who watches you 24/7 - while you're in the bathtub, taking a piss, doing your homework? You don't think that might make a girl uneasy, thinking that there's some pervy old guy in the sky watching my every move? That sounds more like a stalker than someone I want to have any kind of a relationship with. The entire buy-bull is a lie - one that I saw through with a child's eyes - and I resent being lied to. The "cute little bible stories" are just glossed over scripture to make it more palatable to children - how many kids would enjoy knowing that their "loving" deity drown mothers, fathers, and children like them in that flood? That the putrid bodies of people and animals would have sailed through by Noah and his brood like an icebreaker through the north Atlantic? Have you ever seen the aftermath of a tsunami? I read the books without pastoral supervision, no candy coating, and no 'parallel interpretations" or apologetics, and could not accept ANY of it as either factual or even partially true - especially after learning about ancient civilizations and their mythologies.
You may be right in saying that the "problem isn't God"'s organized religion, and adults who still believe in fairy tales so fervently that they must perpetuate these myths that is the problem.


Post by charlie » 3rd May 2014, 17:22

Dear Zambia,