Non refundable interviews

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Re: Non refundable interviews

Post by basic math » 26th February 2019, 00:41

Zambians fall for a multitude of scams, starting with that Nigerian TV con man Tb Joshua

Re: Non refundable interviews

Post by Kombwe » 24th February 2019, 00:47

Zambia is not a normal country. In normal countries employers pay prospective employees for travel expenses, room and board during the interview phase.

Now let’s look at an abnormal country like Zambia. A Nigerian con man can set up a fake job with a fake high salary. Then he can collect an interview fee from hundreds of gullible young Zambian interviewees. Then the Nigerian con man can simply vanish into thin air.

That is the definition of an abnormal country

Re: Non refundable interviews

Post by Bamboo cultivator » 24th February 2019, 00:24

Paying a fee for an interview? This is the first time I’m hearing about this scam. Nigerians are involved aren’t they?

Non refundable interviews

Post by Nawisi » 23rd February 2019, 20:20

Dear Zambia,

Do we have a regulatory body that regulates the fees in college's for interviews paid by interviewee in ZambiaDear Zambia,