Wedding dress and groom's suit

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Re: Wedding dress and groom's suit

Post by Darissa » 2nd September 2016, 09:55

People can wear whatever they want and it’s not like anyone is going to kill you or fine you if you wear jeans and t-shirt. Still, it’s considered bad taste if you wear something like this to the National Theatre. Any formal attire will do for that occasion – or well, as formal as you can get. I mean, don’t wear shorts, tank top and flip-flops when you go there… just don’t. :) It’s like, let’s say, choosing dresses for wedding. They will still get you married if you wear a negligee, but a nice elegant formal dress is better. :)

Re: Wedding dress and groom's suit

Post by as well » 2nd January 2016, 07:40

My brother,
Listen to me. I'm now in my 5th year of marriage. I wore my kabudula, and my patapata to my wedding. My father in law almost had a heart attack. but I told him, fock you man. He piped down.

Your marriage is very important. Your wedding day is just a stupid show. Don't waste your energies on the wedding day, dude.

Wedding dress and groom's suit

Post by Uncle Bro!! » 2nd January 2016, 04:41

Dear Zambia,
kindly assist me where i can get affordable wedding dress and groom's suit in lusaka. Thanking you in advance for your help rendered to me.