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Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Cindy » 19th August 2010, 10:16

People... I want to believe we're all referring to the one Buzz Cafe at Crossroads Mall. Talking about dirty or dusty tables, you have heard it from the Inspector; it's actually the tables that are outside the resatuarant facing the new parking Lot that collect dust but I'd also want to think that if I were to sit at any table out door, any place other than Buzz, I'd first check for dust, take it or leave it, some dust will always find its way on the table even just 10 minutes of cleaning or dusting for as long as it's in the open air, and given our zambian environment. As for me at Buzz Cafe I always choose a place to sit and the usher, ironically walks behind me.
Jean-Pierre should try in-door sitting if he can't wait for the waiter to dust his table outside before he gets sitted; though the inside is non-smoking in case he prefers outside maybe because he pulls.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Connoisseur » 18th August 2010, 23:14

yo ba Inspector, you are a genius, man!

Here we were knocking our heads silly, trying to figure out the discrepancies of the different accounts by the Buzz Café customers. And you come and crack the mystery wide open. Thanks, buddy. I owe you one.

I hope the Buzz Café management is reading this so they will save themselves a few coins in witch doctor consulting fees.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Inspector » 18th August 2010, 23:07

I've been to Buzz cafe. There are only about 4 or so tables that are usually dusty. The reason is that they've put these tables outside, very near to a flower bed. The outside is a bit windy, so dust blows on to the tables and chairs slowly.

I'm sure the waiters and managers thought it was witchcraft coming from a competitor that makes these tables always dusty even after cleaning them in the morning. There, I've solved it for you. Now make a plan.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Connoisseur » 18th August 2010, 21:07


I see your point. Maybe you are right. What struck me as particularly odd though, was those trips to the laundry by Jean-Pierre, every time he visits the Café. If the tables are that dirty as described by the Jean, don't you think even Cindy would have suspected something amiss?

Let us say Cindy wears sleeveless dresses so no chance of her sleeves getting dirty. I still think she would say, hey wait a minute, where the hell did I gather all this dirt stuck on my forearms? You see what am saying?

A table covered with a thick layer of dirt is not exactly inconspicuous. You can spot it even by merely drinking Sprite from a clear glass. After picking the glass from the dirty table you would want to investigate if the dirt you are looking at is inside or outside the glass. All this is what led me to my initial conclusion that perhaps these people are talking about two different restaurants.

But as you say, there may be other more logical explanations. Going by your logic, maybe as soon as Cindy walks in, they usher her to the clean side of the restaurant where the well trained waiters are waiting to reward her many years of good patronage. Whereas here comes Jean-pierre and he is herded like sheep, toward the filthy area because they don't care for his once in a blue moon visits to the restaurant. And after receiving a shoddy service and shoddier food, he walks out with a shirt needing the laundry.

The constant trips to the laundry is what would tick me off, to be honest with you. I don't care much for white vs brown bread.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by JT » 18th August 2010, 20:14

There is a simple resolution to the contradictory stories, Connoisseur. Cindy says she lives near the restaurant and so always goes there. That simply means the waiters have come to know her and try to impress her as a regular customer. The other two don't live near and are not regulars,,therefore not treated special. Dumb I know, but that explains the two different universes experienced above.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Connoisseur » 18th August 2010, 17:09

I may be the blindest or most ignorant man alive. I will admit to that. But I have noticed that Wendy and Jean-pierre are talking about one restaurant, while Cindy is talking about an entirely different restaurant. No way the two Buzz Cafes in discussion are one and the same.

Just an observation.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Cindy » 18th August 2010, 17:00

I live in Woodlands, and Buzz cafe is the nearest restaurant to my home. Frankly I've never been disappointed with the service and the food, since it's inception, until last evening when I orderd Spare rib and mash potato... Please please. But I'll still give them another chance because all along I've appreciated their service, I did still enjoy my hot chocolate too last evening, and their avocado tomato sandwich is something to write home about. Kindly lay your complaints and give them another chance.

Re: Buzz Cafe

Post by Jean-pierre » 16th July 2010, 12:21

Dear Zambia,

It seems standards have deteriorated at this Cafe which i used to frequent (but no more). Tables are so dusty that your shirt will become dirty if you put your hands on the table. Its not that there are few waiters to clean up, its just that they would rather chat away in clusters. We dont even get the ushering to a table the way it used to be, i guess they have made their money and can now 'chill' as the young ones put it. I live in New Kasama and this was the nearest place for me tl have some leisure outside the home.

Buzz Cafe

Post by Wendy » 1st July 2010, 20:51

Dear Zambia,

I was appalled one day when i went to Buzz Cafe and requested toasted sandwiches in brown bread and they brought me toasted sandwiches in white bread! I didnt expect a restaurant to ignore such detail. I have since stopped having breakfast there and travel kilometres out of town to Sandys Creation because they take my specific details. And you wont believe this: The waiter didnt see anything wrong with serving me white bread. He probably thought i was just being snobbish by requesting brown bread. What happened to the quality waiters they used to have? I dont take a shoddy service kindly, especially when am paying for it.