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Post by Shiina » 4th December 2012, 10:54

She is still as beautiful as ever and I can't wait to read her story. She rnreespet the women of today and she will continue to do so.Kim Reply:April 14th, 2010 at 1:46 pmHi Doris, I will have to agree with you on that. She does rnreespet the Woman as a person, not just African Women, but all women and their ability to be powerful, and structured.Doris Sanders Reply:April 14th, 2010 at 4:00 pmThank you Kim for agreeing with me and I did mean those words Pam took a giant step by rnreespeting black women of today. She was intelligent,gifted, and she should love to the black community, she never forgot her roots and she never got what she deserved for her movies and her appearances in different shows but still she is still loved by her fans and I for one will be her fan for life. So once again thank you Kim for your comment and God bless you.Kim Reply:April 14th, 2010 at 4:14 pmOh you are more then welcome! Likewise may God Bless you also!


Post by Kuzey » 27th August 2012, 08:41

I believe I read over at BlackVoices retncely where Grier speaks intimately concerning different subjects i.e. her relationship with Richard Pryor and how his drug abuse destroyed them sexually.Kim Reply:April 14th, 2010 at 2:12 pmIn that case I definitely want to read this one

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by Libertarian » 21st April 2012, 00:46

Sis Foxy,
I'm sorry. Foxy's den, you said. I like it! Please elaborate on the rest of the details.

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by Libertarian » 21st April 2012, 00:42

Sister Foxy,
you did not give a name and address so I suppose your kitchen is mobile. Is it on two wheels or four? Human leg powered, motorized or oxen driven? Please elaborate so I can come for a taste of your delicious soup. Thanks, sis.

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by Foxy » 20th April 2012, 22:06

Dear Libertian, (hope i spelt it right)
If that is the case and if thats the norm then i shall advertise my soupu kictchen too!!!
Please come one and come all for the best hangover CURE , hunger buster, coolest hangout in L U S A K A !!!
Foxys den...see u there or be square!!

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by felix fwaka » 20th April 2012, 11:43

for a moment I thought he misspelt NAZIS as Nezis. Thought the Third Reich was on our shores. Ni soup ya vi mbobo kansi?

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by JD » 20th April 2012, 09:33

I hope Nezis is not expensive like that other joint in Chilenje called Insaka. How does a Chilenje joint become expensive surely?

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by RudeNudeDude » 20th April 2012, 08:18

Noted.....I have been looking a for a local nshima joint for my habgover mornings.

I used to frequent Aunty Emma's and The one next to Paris but the standards and the soup thikness has gone down faster than Iris on Nathan.

See you there mate if you see a tall fat bloke who has his back to the door, thats me.

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by Libertarian » 19th April 2012, 21:55

Dear Foxy,

Look to the right of this page toward the top. You will see a link to the "Forum rules". Click there and tell me if there is a rule forbidding adulterers from putting in a good word for their mistress' soup business. I think not.

Ok, let's say Johnny is a filthy, fornicating, shameless, lowlife dog. So what? He has every right to draw business toward that home wrecking, slutty, whoring mistress of his. Just leave him alone.

Re: Nezis Restaurant

Post by Foxy » 19th April 2012, 16:42

As you sure you are not just promoting your wife or mistress new business venture???

Nezis Restaurant

Post by Johnny » 19th April 2012, 15:28

Dear Zambia,

in the heart of Chilenje Market u find Nezis. U should check it out. I ate there almost everday, the nicest soup u can find in whole Lusaka + really tasty chicken!

Best regards,