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Post by B » 22nd July 2010, 17:42

All ya are just bullshiting and making me feel good with the entertainment, even when you've clearly run out of 'material of substance', atleast you do afford to put a smile on my face! You all great sons of guns! Your language! Your Voc! Good grammar I applaud you all; keep it rocking!
Hey, did I not go to Pick N Pay during my lunch break! As if!!!!


Post by Machiavelli's Cousin » 22nd July 2010, 16:40

Cousin Makaveli is it you masquerading as Counsel?


Post by big brain » 21st July 2010, 17:26

iwe machiavel cousin,mwebantu tamutasha,how do you bite the finger that feeds u?If i were DZ I would ban you for complaining against me .hehehehehehe!


Post by Counsel » 21st July 2010, 17:22

i hate to be the one to hold you by the hand and lead you, as if you are a ****.

ok, never mind the sarcasm. But I suggest instead of whining, just start a new thread and pour out your complaints. the admin always grants that option to any complainer.

I got my own topics started once while the admin was sleeping. I cooked up a storm. But when the admin came back he deleted them. i assume it's because the topics were quite low on substance. I was just blowing a whole lot of air.

But I'm sure if you have something substantial to gripe about, you can start your own topic and the admin will not delete it promptly as he did mine.


Post by Machiavelli's Cousin » 21st July 2010, 17:13

Dear Zambia,

This fora is excellent to air our complaint hence my complaint against Dearzambia. The discussion on Rhapsody has been discontinued for no apparent reason. Can the Administrator unlock this discussion in order for us to name and shame, its why you set up the website!!!