These stupid Harvard students

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These stupid Harvard students

Post by Muncher » 17th April 2019, 02:23

Dear Zambia,

how do you give up such a noble tradition as roasting a goat??

By The Associated Press


Apr 16, 2019 12:00 PM

A Harvard University residence hall is ending a decades-old tradition of skinning and barbecuing a goat in the courtyard.

The Harvard Crimson student newspaper that Dunster House Faculty Deans Cheryl Chen and Sean Kelly informed students of the decision in an email last week, citing student discomfort with the tradition and health concerns.

They say Dunster will continue to hold a goat roast, just without an actual goat.
The annual event began in the 1980s as a spinoff of a primitive survival course taught by human and evolutionary biology professor Daniel Lieberman.

After the goat is skinned, students and house staff marinated the carcass in lime, curry, salt, pepper, herbs and garlic, and then roasted it the next day on a spit over a bed of coals.