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Re: Portico

Post by Mc » 12th August 2010, 22:31

I think I will go and try porto out.then my friend recomendfations are suppose to be posted on the other side.but I like the way you have done it.most people oftenly read on the complaint side.so for you posting it on the complaint side more people ended up reading and knowing about this place were the service.

Re: Portico

Post by mercedes » 6th August 2010, 09:56

Firstly I too would like to recommend PORTICO for the classy touch they are offering us.
I am however dissapointed by Dr. Kolwe's comment on the kids games as I see no harm in exposing your own kids at a young age. This lack of exposure and appreciation of good life is what makes us grow up thinking that people of a different race are of a higher social status and games like that are a preserve for them. Don't shy your kids from the world now let them gain confidence through activities that are safe and child like, it'l take them a long way in life.

Re: Portico

Post by Bishop » 26th July 2010, 14:13


You have a point..I hope your doctrate is worthwhile and just not a symbol of subjecting your childred of what you went through.

As a parent i will choose how i want my children to play..Ad enough of chimpombwa and when i become a parent,i will proper footballs for my children.

Dr. Kolwa, chimpombwa sacks!!!!!!!!

Re: Portico

Post by Dr. Kolwe » 26th July 2010, 12:31

why waste time with futsal ,futball,toothball ,wateva u call it?just make your son ichimpombwa and start practising with him in yo backyard.problem imwe ma zambians kulibonesha too much,u just want to be saying my son plays futbo at portico.no wonder they chase you away.

Re: Portico

Post by Bishop » 26th July 2010, 12:01


They play 5 aside football called called Futsal. Its unfortunatethat He behaves like that.I am in one of the snr Futsal Teams.

I have no compliant over how he behaves. I will observe him next season.

Re: Portico

Post by axon » 26th July 2010, 11:46

The club u mentioned opp portico wat do they do,i want to take my kids there.

Re: Portico

Post by Machiavelli's Cousin » 12th July 2010, 17:43

Is this joint under new management or is it under the same management as Wispers restaurant. Way back when it was known as Wispers there were these big green flies(kombes) that used to take the liberty of joining in the feast. My wild memory would always roam and I would always think that these horrible creatures would germinate in the horses poop outside and then grow into these horrible flies that would always take the liberty of enjoying your hard earned meal, are they still there?

My next complaint is the guy running the fusball joint just outside Portico, whenever you take a black kid to register the man alweays says that the classes are full but if any lighter skin comes through there is automatic admission...

I am sure a lot of mothers and papa's will agree with me.

Re: Portico

Post by Michelle N. » 12th July 2010, 16:16

lol..u agree with about the knives too..yeah thats the only thing i think they could sort out otherwise no complaints..

Re: Portico

Post by Blackrose » 12th July 2010, 10:56

I have to agree, the service that I have received at Portico has been outstanding. May the owners please give themselves and their staff a pat on the back for treating guests with the class, cheeful and helpful manner that we deserve. In particular I would like to name one waiter who offered us splendid service, that we ended up staying there much longer than we had anticipated. His name is Romeo. Please Portico, ensure that you give this man a standing ovation. If only we could find more Romeo's at all restaurants in Lusaka!!!

Re: Portico

Post by Wendy » 10th July 2010, 11:19

Portico is in the show grounds. Its the restaurant that is after the place were they keep horses. Go there and you wont be disappointed.

Re: Portico

Post by mombi » 10th July 2010, 11:03

where is this Portico?

Re: Portico

Post by janet k. » 9th July 2010, 19:18

I agree on portico. The environment is very nice. I like their fire outside especially when it's cold.

But they should make their knives sharper, I agree with that too.


Post by Michelle N. » 9th July 2010, 11:20

Dear Zambia,
I was very impressed for once!!to recieve some service that actually matches the price paid for that service.Portico Resturant has good service staff who are very helpful to an indecisive client,have good memory and are very polite and quick with bringing the meals.Their coctails are exceptional!!not watered down with too much ice,their food is absolutely fab!they have generous portions which leave you struggling to clear even atleast half of your plate..
KUDOS TO YOU!!keep up the standards and make a few improvements perharps on the cutlery,had a hard time trying to cut the lamb chops with those some what blunt knives..lol..
And Rhapsody and the rest of these resturants/bars should take a leaf.