Our rock bottom low standards should change, Dear Zambia

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Re: Our rock bottom low standards should change, Dear Zambia

Post by Guest » 26th October 2015, 19:38

mutende mukolwe,
It's like missing the punchline of a joke. If you have to have the punchline of a joke explained to you, it defeats the whole purpose of the joke. So best just let it go.

Re: Our rock bottom low standards should change, Dear Zambia

Post by mukolwe » 26th October 2015, 19:14

mutende mukwai.

reading the title of your thread and then reading the article you quoted, there's a disconnect. the blogger gave a pretty damn good review of Zambia (which is no surprise to most of us Zambians and those who've been to our beautiful country a # of times)
knowing me, i probably missed your point, please enlighten me.

kalebalika mukwai

Our rock bottom low standards should change, Dear Zambia

Post by US$1 = 12.1 Zambian kwacha!!! you stupid PF a** holes!!!!!!!!!! » 26th October 2015, 18:40

Dear Zambia,

Zambia is second in a competition involving three countries.
1. Canada
2. Zambia
3. Oman

And the country we beat in the center of hell itself. Think about that and weep.

Zambia is among the top destinations for French travellers

Oct 26, 2015
Zambia has been voted 2nd best tourist destination to visit in 2016 for the French. This has been revealed by Zambia’s Ambassador to France His Excellency Amb. Humphrey Chilu CHIBANDA after receiving the results from Liligo.com who organised the competition. Liligo.com is an online travel search engine currently present in 13 countries, liligo.com is the leader of flights’ search engines in France with 2 million searches per month. Ambassador Chibanda revealed that sometime in March this year Liligo.com France approached the Zambian Mission in Paris and presented a proposal for Zambia to participate in a competition for the best tourist destination to visit in 2016 for the French. The Mission took up the challenge and presented the proposal to Zambia Tourism Board who gave the Mission a go ahead to enter the competition.

Ambassador Chibanda said the competition involved sending three well qualified French travel bloggers to three different countries for 14 days and Zambia was drawn together with Canada and Oman. The travel bloggers left France on 22 September 2015 and returned on the 4th of October, 2015.

The itinerary for the Zambian blogger included South Lungwa National Park, Lower Zambezi, Kafue National, Lusaka and Livingstone under the facilitation of Zambia Tourism Board working in collaboration with the local Zambian tour operators who offered various services to the blogger. The bloggers were blogging their 14 day travel experiences through various social media platforms while Liligo.com had a dedicated website for the competition and also shared the bloggers travel experiences on their official social media platforms.

The voting which was done online started from the day the bloggers were dispatched to the various destinations and closed on 14th October, 2015 with Canada taking up the first position with 52, 4% votes and Zambia participating for the first time coming in the second place as a must visit destination for the French in 2016 with 31, 4% votes while Oman in the same group came last with 16, 2% votes.

Giving feedback at the Zambian Mission in Paris Fabrice Dubesset the travel blogger who had traveled to Zambia said Zambia is a must see tourist destination for those seeking authentic unexplored destinations. In his own words “You know as a travel blogger I have had a chance to travel to many destinations around the world in all the five continents, but the experience I had in Zambia was just amazing, at one point I thought I was watching a documentary on National Geographical and yet it was real.” He said before travelling to Zambia he had done research about the destination and one thing that was true from his research findings is that the Zambian people are one of the most friendly and helpful people that you can ever meet. “Where ever I went I felt like home and you really have an amazing country” Said Fabrice.

The travel blogger further, informed Ambassador Chibanda that he was amazed at the sheer abundance of wildlife in South Lungwa National Park and lower Zambezi. Fabrice also noted that the accommodation facilities even those located in national parks are amazingly comfortable. On Livingstone, Fabrice told Ambassador Chibanda that Livingstone is a must be for adrenaline lovers and the Victoria Falls is must be on the list of any tourist to Africa. “I think Victoria Falls is amazing both from land and from above by helicopter I think it is one of the must be on the list of places to see for any tourist to Africa”. Said the travel blogger.

Meanwhile Liligo.com has thanked His Excellency Ambassador Chibanda for having taken up the challenge for Zambia to participate in the competition. In a congratulatory message from the Social Media Manager Ms. Tatiana Yelengwe, she said Liligo.com was very happy with the feedback they have received from their clients on destination Zambia. However Ms. Yelengwe has called on His Excellency to do more to make Zambia known to the French population who are now eager to travel out of France and seeking for authentic destinations like Zambia.
And His Excellency Ambassador Chibanda has thanked both Liligo.com for having approached Zambia to participate in the competition. Ambassador Chibanda has also thanked Fabrice Dubesset for his gracious feedback and the wonderful job he did while travelling in Zambia. Ambassador has further called on both Liligo.com and the travel blogger to continue considering Zambia in their future projects.