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Post by village boy » 15th January 2019, 12:45

Miss. Kangwa,

I was just about to ask you if you would consider a proposal of marriage from a strapping young Zambian lad such as myself. But then I quickly came to my senses. Why would an obviously very attractive young Zambian woman like you even bother to waste your time on a village boy like me?

Please Miss. Kangwa, don’t try to interpret this as a roundabout way for me to ask for your courtship. I am merely thinking aloud over here.

p.s. if by any chance you would like to hook up with me, please drop a hint so I can give you my contact information in an even more roundabout manner. I am quite good at it

General worker

Post by Mutale kangwa » 14th January 2019, 19:19

Dear Zambia,

Am mutale applying as a general worker am a lady aged 22 who completed school in 2016 in Kitwe at malela secondary school my results are as stated eng,6 math6,bio6,civic3 H.E2 my NRC is 500003/67/1 your quick response will be highly appreciated
Thank youDear Zambia,