drivers renewel licence

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Re: drivers renewel licence

Post by Rev. Mtengo » 26th June 2015, 19:49


For starters you are confusing radio and television. Get your story straight my boy. Which one of the two did you hear this liar?

Secondly, you may not be aware that there is a clever little invention called bicycle. It's an extremely reliable mode of transportation and it requires no license to operate. You may want to consider investing in that clever invention, boy. Then you won't have to worry about any liars on TV or radio.

God bless you my boy.

drivers renewel licence

Post by john » 26th June 2015, 12:58

Dear Zambia,

i write to complain in the manner ratsa operates just some few months ago a certain man came on tv proudly saying these days ratsa will only take a month to print drivers licences but to my surprise these pipo didnt mean the truth i renewed my licence three months ago up to now i havent collected my licence every time i go there its not yet may i know what that guy who came on radio ment was it the opposite ? in a weeks time it will be four months before i get my licence .
regards worried driver .