Decongesting Lusaka

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Re: Decongesting Lusaka

Post by Mangani Jere » 25th August 2010, 12:51

We actually just need the bad roads to be fixed. For example, between Chilimbulu and Burma Roads, there are many small streets connecting them that are hardly used due to being too bumpy. Resurfacing them or even just grading them can go a long way. I understand there is a way you can get to Chawama from Chelstone via Ibex Hill, Woodlands and Chalala. There is also a road to Great North Road from the Lusaka International Airport. If all these roads were fixed (rather than making new roads as some suggest), there would be no problem.

Lusaka roads are very badly designed. On most roads, there are no slip lanes for traffic turning left at most T Junctions or cross roads. e.g. in Alick Nkhata avenue by Mass media complex, if you are turning left into Thabo Mbeki road, you have to wait for everyone going straight towards Mutendere. Same thing at Kangwa in Chilumbulu road, Chindo Road and Leopards Hill Road junction, and even at the cross roads at Cross Roads itself!

Re: Decongesting Lusaka

Post by Wuncler inc C.E.O » 19th July 2010, 13:09

Ba Mwisho!!!!
I very much agree with you,mudala if most of the roads dual carriage ways it would have been better,bout most of all i think the Government at large are to blame for all this,south Africans always try to find ways of De-congesting their towns,and look at us direct opposite.why cant the government all these companies building shopping malls and complex to do it the out skirts of town,look at the congestion we have at about 17hrs at central police church road.Now look at what their building just there,and now multiply the congestion levels.WHY CANT THEY PUT UP SUCH STRUCTURES IN DIFFERENT ARES OUT OF TOWN,A shopping mall in Avondale,Lusaka West,Kafue,Chilanga.
What mandahill is doing is make things worse,why not buildup another complex in the outskirts of town.It would have been better if some one heard my cry.

Decongesting Lusaka

Post by Ba Mwisho » 9th July 2010, 11:00

Dear Zambia,

I hope higher authorities get to read this suggestion or someone who knows someone please forward them this suggestion.
Let them turn Chilumbulu and Burma roads into dual carriage ways.They can do this by expanding the said roads outwards on both sides(pavements).This will ease (a bit) our problem of congestion....just think of the man hours lost and wasted unnecessarily while driving from Chilenje or from Woodlands?