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Post by Joe K » 26th April 2011, 16:15

I didn't know that these excuses even give excuses why they don't modernize and decentralize. I thought they just didn't have the money. So now i know they can modernize with technology but they just give excuses. The big lie is that they are afraid of corruption when the truth is that they are afraid of decentralizing corruption from their office: they want to enjoy alone.


Post by EXAMINATION COUNCIL OF ZAMBIA[ECZ] » 26th April 2011, 14:14

Dear Zambia,

I think the way or policies under which our Examination Council of Zambia staff are working is something that development spearheaders need to look at critically.I mean,how does everyone who needs a replacement of a lost Examination slip need to travel from one part of a country to ECZ,Lusaka,Longacres just to get that mini slip?Some staff working from the same Institution argued that this is so to prevent irregularities and crimes pertaining to that!

Now isn't there a way to ensure that whatever query,request a Zambian citizen has,is handled right from their province instead of travelling long long ditances which are now really really costly[Transportation,lodging,Eating etc]?Today in our country Zambia, people are now so educated and so am sure a more flexible,well conrolled policy accessed by all Zambians from their Provinces,can be made.

With a much improved technology around us,surely can't we take advantage and come up with a well elaborate system?Am sure if that is done those frustrating queues can be done away with!Can you believe it that ECZ hasn't got business mobile phones,e-mails?Please someone do something.