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Re: complaint

Post by Slumdog shalapungu » 22nd July 2014, 20:00

hehe but you have a chikoto on your throat mwana, where did I mention diaspora swine iwe. Its not my fault banaku janda chidindo ku visa office okay. Bring ma irrele into the conversation , you need to crush some panadol into a powder and rub it on your mukosi kapena the chikoto will melt and save you from a life of bitterness.

Re: complaint

Post by QT » 21st July 2014, 18:08

Slumpanyo can't help himself but always brag about his diaspora status. even as he continues to talk shit about his white bosses. slumpanyo is what we call a bitch ass nigga

Re: complaint

Post by SHULA » 21st July 2014, 14:03

dont notice these diaspora sh it heads like slimydog. he is a white mans slave of course with a grievance.

Re: complaint

Post by Slumdog shalapungu » 20th July 2014, 14:43

Striker wrote :
> Slumdog you are an idiot altogether. Who ever heard of signing a contract
> in Zambia when you order shit? Are you out of your mind? you shanty town
> tombolilo

Thats probably because all your dumb ass knows in Zambia is buying vitumbuwa , ice blocks and tobamutwes from a shomeka in a market. The day you get your paper up and start to order things that may get lost then you will understand , you will understand incoterms, fob or cif contracts and why they are important. But since you are still on your kampombwa stage you cannot understand chikumba leather swine iwe

Re: complaint

Post by Striker » 16th July 2014, 21:50

Slumdog you are an idiot altogether. Who ever heard of signing a contract in Zambia when you order shit? Are you out of your mind? you shanty town tombolilo

Re: complaint

Post by Slumdog shalapungu » 16th July 2014, 11:04

Did you sign a contract with them? if so is there a clause that talks about liability for lost or stolen goods? Was there some kind of insurance. if not you only have yourself to blame for foaming at the mouth and not using common sense when shopping online and using couriers. Theres a damn good reason why reliable couriers cost a pretty penny and always have insurance . These chaps mercury logistics probably thought , you know what we will janda this phone and tell this chap some duck tales and he will go away and the phone will be ours. Instead of making complaints on here , which if you do not know never get solved you should be looking at your contract and looking to hire one of those dodgy lusaka lawyers wearing manzi manzi suits to sue the buggers

Re: complaint

Post by Gentleman among gentlemen » 15th July 2014, 19:02


I'm going to tell you what you already know by now. They screwed you. You are never going to see that phone. Cut your losses and move on with your life. Bitching about it will only make you bitter.

Good luck to you my dear.


Post by isabel » 15th July 2014, 16:53

Dear Zambia,
Am undergoing a similar situation, i am so disappointed with mercury.
I ordered a phone in the usa and its was delivered at their sarasota office
on 19th May, 2014 and i still haven't received it they keep feeding me with
stories. I have lost my patience and what they don't realize is that there is
the issue of money involved. This is not good at all, customer care is very important.