I have a question about the Moslem Ramadan

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Re: I have a question about the Moslem Ramadan

Post by pure » 15th April 2019, 12:35

What’s with the first sighting of the moon in this ramadan BS?

I saw something about this moon connection to Ramadan on TV.

As you can imagine, me as a solid Zambian Atheist, I find many of the Christian and Moslem fairy tales, quite nonsensical and ridiculous to the extreme.

That’ the thing about these religious beliefs. They can bamboozle those who are already suckers. But if one is not beholden to these mythological fantasies, the biblical and quranic fables seem utterly ridiculous.

It’s not easy to explain but very very easy to understand, depending in what camp one happens to be

I have a question about the Moslem Ramadan

Post by Compound loiterer » 13th April 2019, 13:54

Dear Zambia,

When Moslems fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan, do they at least offer the food they’d have eaten, to infidels such as myself who don’t give a rat’s ass about Ramadan?

This is not about religion and the prejudice therein. This is about food and the pragmatism involved in handing the food from people who are busy praying in mosques and give it to serious minded people who simply just want to have a meal somewhere within the 24 hours of any given day.

Going hungry on purpose in the name of God! well am not even going to attempt to argue that one. I Just want the food