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Re: construction of house

Post by renupicker » 26th February 2019, 08:13

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Re: construction of house

Post by Guest » 9th July 2018, 13:13

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Re: construction of house

Post by Velma » 2nd August 2016, 09:21

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Re: construction of house

Post by Velma » 2nd August 2016, 09:19

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Re: construction of house

Post by Velma » 2nd August 2016, 09:16

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Re: construction of house

Post by jasmine » 2nd August 2015, 15:39

To original who built the house, how did the house turn out? What was the local building contractor like and could you share the details if you were happy with them as I am renovating a home.

Re: construction of house

Post by jasmine » 2nd August 2015, 15:35

Dear All

Did anyone find a reliable local builder. My husband and I would like to renovate an elderly people's home in Zambia and are looking for local builders for a quote. We will arrive in September so hoping to meet some to get estimates and quotes. We are doing a charity here so not looking for a builder who is looking to rip us off. Just want to improve the lives of 40 elders. Any names and numbers of builders would be of help.

Re: construction of house

Post by Offloader » 11th May 2015, 18:12

Bilda my dear
Yours is what we call bullshit advice. In your latter statement you correctly tell this lady that people in the industry are liars and thieves. And yet you are sending her on a wild goose chase to construction sites. Do you really expect those labourers to stop their work and start answering this lady's questions? You are sending her like a lamb into a wolves den. Those labourers will simply start making sexual innuendos and calling her a whoŕe, that's all

Re: construction of house

Post by bilda » 9th May 2015, 17:53


Before you spend any bucks on building take some time to do some research. My recommendations are as follows:

1. Take a walk around building sites and ask builders about their work, what it entails and things like mix ratios

2. Go to hardware stores and find out and find out which ones are the best bang for your buck.

3. Do some you tube surfing on building.

Assume that everyone that you'll contract is a dishonest, time consuming thief and work like that.

Artisans are notorious for being liars that will take a job and either delay (because they have so many jobs) or will rob you blind at every turn.

Re: construction of house

Post by Samotech electrical » 9th May 2015, 16:55

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Re: construction of house

Post by jen » 11th December 2014, 04:19

Hi,I'm curious to know how your building turned out.I'm planning to build also and still searching for constructors.Please let me know if there are some companies you would recommend .

Re: construction of house

Post by Keller Banda » 18th July 2014, 12:33

Hi there, indeed it is a problem to find standard house builders in Zambia at a reasonable price. Can I have this gay guy’s contacts because am also planning to build. Thanks

Re: construction of house

Post by Lubango » 9th June 2014, 19:11

Fabriceric my friend
I got to tell you buddy, I'm a bit shocked, to be quite honest with you. First of all, gay people don't like to advertise themselves as gay in Zambia. They like to keep their gayness private. And secondly, most gays tend to do the kind of jobs that are less manly than building damn houses and roofing. This is what makes your gay guy quite unique. But I will take your word for it. I'm sure he is as good as you say.

Re: construction of house

Post by fabriceric » 8th June 2014, 20:54

There re so many builders in zambia!But I have found one gay who knows how to do the roofing ,this gay so far is the best I have ever seen in Zambia,he is not known by many i thing because he is a refugee but I am telling you he is the second to none!!

Re: construction of house

Post by charltrus construction and general dealers » 14th October 2013, 14:46

With reference to the above subject,I wish to write to your office.

We are a registered company based in mazabuka district and we are willing to undertake the contract mentioned above. We have been in construction for three years and we have build a number of houses and a school for the disabled in mazabuka and lusaka aswel. We have applied because of the experience we have in construction.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Trust Mpande
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Re: construction of house

Post by original G » 26th February 2013, 08:43

hi people!!
after much research and checking with local contractors and suppliers.. i have found out the following:
building contractors : several companies were contacted - only two can guarantee their jobs , building tolence of error of 3mm. the rest could not give me traceable references!
roofing contractors: their is no fully kiln dried timber available in lusaka. you cannot fully dry a timber greater than 38mm thickness! only one roofing contractor can guarantee their job in lusaka. the other is just to supply the ready made timber trusses from kite.. the trusses are accredited to SABS ratings. oh by the way!!! they press their trusses and gang nail them together.

window fitters: surprisingly several companies can guarantee the job ..provided the building works are spot on

ceiling contractors: only two companies in zambia can guarantee their job..there are plenty of these local artisans who claim to do it but none can guarantee the job or workmanship! of those companies mentioned earlier is based in RSA with offices registered here in lusaka.

PLUMBING AND DRAINWORKS: not one company in zambia...i believe levy mall was done by a RSA company..who happens to be doing society house as well..
electrical: well...alot of good companies

interior designers: ok..ok...alot are qualified ...but they all source from why pay more



Re: construction of house

Post by mweene patrick » 24th February 2013, 15:37

I can help u that if u are serious I run my own company or pass through worker compensation fund cairo road I did that ask my number my nam is mweene

Re: construction of house

Post by original G » 20th February 2013, 08:20

thanks for the response!
well... the plans are done..the plot has been bought in Roma...budget is more than usd 100K ... looking at some quotes from rsa already...for everything..Now im waiting for local contractors and references!!!

Re: construction of house

Post by Trusted » 19th February 2013, 20:48

Let’s say we take your broke status out of the equation, wouldn’t you agree that perhaps it’s wiser to entrust professional builders for an extra coin, than to go cheap with jacks of all trades? Mind you, I’m talking in terms of your broke ass not being a factor.

Re: construction of house

Post by Slumdog Shalapungu » 19th February 2013, 20:39

What kind of house are you looking to build, an ordinary home with or one of these mcmansions with the contemporary bells & whistles? The expense bill for a house if you want the whistles can get out of control unless you have more than $100000 stashed somewhere . You don't want to be one of these chaps that starts building a house and jamaz when it reaches roof levels. If its a normal house lets say a three or four bedroom you don't really need these construction companies unless you want to cough some serious loot